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Xin'an Evening News, February 15, 2011

Anhui's Xin An Evening News reports that ahead of the Two Meetings (两会), which opens on March 5, the people of Anhui can leave messages for Wen Jiabao, the country's Premier, on their Sina microblog.

In Xuancheng city, retired workers received cooking pots just before the Spring Festival break. However, it leaked after one use. This made the front page of the Xin An paper.

Anhui girl Liu Li (刘丽), who works as a masseuse at a foot massage place, was chosen as a figure for Gandong Zhongguo (感动中国) - an annual CCTV show that selects the year's figures to highlight, rendered in a way that is often sentimental and sometimes cheesy. She used her meager earnings to support 10 university students back home.

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