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Heralding the next 30 years of reforms

Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, October 13, 2010

Yesterday, the Xinhua News Agency ran a report under the title "Experts say next five years to concentrate on reforms in the social and political realms to realize good governance". Today's Xiaoxiang Morning Herald took theme and ran with it.

The top headline reads "In the next five years, China to deepen 'good governance' reforms," and corresponds to an inside feature titled "Curtain opens on New China's third 30-year reform."

Page A04: Curtain opens on New China's third 30-year reform

The bulleted subheads:

  • The Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th Party Congress will deliberate and pass the 12th Five-Year Plan. Expert says that the major reforms will likely take place in the realms of society and politics;
  • Chinese leaders recently stressed pushing forward reforms of the political system. An expert says, "It is a highly positive signal to look forward to";
  • In a time of distinct social contradictions, growing pressures and the increasing cost of preserving stability compel the Chinese government at all levels to steadily improve their "good governance" ability.

The experts quoted are Yu Keping (俞可平), deputy director of the Central Translation Bureau and author of the essay "Democracy is a good thing," and Wang Yukai (汪玉凯), a professor at the National School of Administration and the secretary-general of the China Society of Administration Reform.

Neither the front-page snippet nor the longer article inside the paper are available in the online edition.

A number of other papers also examined political reform today. Xinhua's Modern Express ran a full-page feature (link) that kicked off with a reprint of The Beijing News' look at Wen Jiabao's CNN interview and Time profile, in which the premier spoke of political reform.

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Whether this "good governance reform" will result in good governance depends on:

1. Whether good governance can firm-up, perpetualte and consolidate CCP's hold on power.

2. Whether good governance can provide government officials and those friends and family close to them can make money.

Anyone who can come up with a way to do these with real good governance deserves a Nobel Prize for Economics.

The key to #1 is to give the illusion of choice there is really no choice.

The key to #2 is not to stay in government all the time, just long enough to deliver the pork and enjoy it later and perhaps become a lobbyist.

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