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Hong Kong hostages die in Manila bus hijack

Jinan Times, August 24, 2010

Like other major newspapers today in China, the Jinan Times goes with the Manila hostage story, depicting scene from yesterday evening inside a bloody bullet hole design. The number of deaths is now reported to be ten.

The story as reported by the Guardian's Jonathan Watts:

An embittered policeman was shot dead by police marksmen in Manila yesterday after killing at least eight tourists he had taken hostage in a fatally ill-conceived plot to get his job back.

Furious about being sacked for misconduct two years ago, Rolando Mendoza, 55, began his mission yesterday morning at the historic walled city of Intramuros. Armed with an M16 automatic rifle, he hitched a lift on a bus carrying visitors from Hong Kong who were on the final day of their tour of the country. When the vehicle reached José Rizal park, near Manila Bay, he announced that he was taking the 24 passengers hostage until he was guaranteed the return to his job.

The horrific scenes was equally described in local newspapers today, including The Beijing News, which has a detailed account.

The other headline on front pages is about how in an attempt at reforming the death penalty, 13 economic crimes will be excluded. Crimes include one that says capital punishment will not be applied to people above 75 at the time the crime is committed. The China Daily also reported that:

Most of the 13 crimes dropped in the proposal have rarely seen the death penalty applied in recent years. These include smuggling of relics and the faking of specialized value-added-tax receipts.

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To everyone in China & Hong Kong I want you to know that Mr. Noynoy Aquino President of the Philippines is a lousy president. When he was in Congress and Senate he did nothing.. No I'm not exaggerating. He was an unremarkable lawmaker who sat there for 12 years and did not produce any law. He has few to no projects to his name and has been caught by media several times at a shooting range, in malls, in parties full of celebrities, etc. Anything to get him away from his job. He is lazy and incompetent. Stupid Filipinos voted him just because his mom Cory Aquino died. Then they exaggerated his non existent greatness in the press and he won the elections. He is lazy and doesn't really care much about his job until its elections.

Oh and to all those morons who voted Noynoy, you got what you wanted fools! Yellow zombies of the Yellow Aquino Army!

Aquino is useless,
Judging by your tone of fury, I fear you may be the next to hijack a bus...and hopefully Noynoy will be aboard.

The government should give in to the demand of the hostage taker. The demand is chicken feed anyway, its only minimal, and beside they can put him in jail afterwards. No sane person would put himself in a deadly situation, like hostage taking, where his own life is at stake, unless he is desperate. Who knows if his grieviance is legitimate, maybe some injustice is also committed to him. The government failed to act saving innocent lives because of his own ego.

HK people if you want to retaliate, do it on our stupid and incompetent president. You'd be doing us Filipinos a huge favor.

Does the hostage-taker had a problem and hatred towards the HK tourists hence taking them as their victim for his demands? I don't think so.

What's in his mind before all these had happened? He's losing his job.

It just happened unfortunately that the HK tourist bus got caught in the way in his crazy mindset thus to create a scene and get his demands, he used the innocent tourists (it could have been Europeans, Americans, Chinese or Filipinos for chrissake!) as his cards.

there is no racial hatred here. Mendoza's just one dumb nuts. so stop all these finger-pointing, hatred, racism and ego-tripping on both filipinos and chinese people. you guys got it all wrong.

If there's a thing to blame here,.. it's the incompetence of the people who handled the crisis (police etc) who deserve the boot.


@ a filipino
what if you're wish really have happened?

a foreign national assasinated your country's president. would you be glad they did? would you still consider yourself a filipino and proud because your "stupid" president was finally shot and killed by a foreign national?

If you would, you're everything but a filipino and a sick traitor to boot.

i need 2 say something...
For me hijacking is really a big mistake happened here in the Philippines but i know people in Hong Kong and China will understand why that hijacking happened..

as a Filipino, I'm begging for what had happened...that is an unpredicted deadly situation...

Let us pray for those people killed...

These kind of incident is really unforeseeable,
That is nothing wrong for philipino, but the philipine government.
Do you thinks the citizen will allow a person who did the hijack to back to his job as a force which it is responsible to protect the society? As you use your mind than you know it is not a permanent solution. MAybe he purpose is to build up the hated between HK anf philipine if his wish cannot achieved,but does he thinks their family and relatives who still alive and live in philipine, how they going to face and confront the society.
How a forces name as SWAT have such terrible effectiveness and efficiency in rescue hostage?
How the government to convince tourist to visit your country in the future if they can make sure their police efficiency and safety in their country.
As a force, ur responsible is to protect the society,u get paid from citizen.Some citizen earn their income from indirectly u get paid from tourist too.
Think of how a happy trip with whole family finally become a sad orphan for HK tourist. IF this things happen in your family how will you feel that.
But the things is past.The things we should do is appologize to HK tourist and make sure the things won't happen again by force the government to do somethings or change the government.

You hate Filipinos for the hostage fiasco earlier ths week, right? Then, should I hate chinese people for the lead poisoning and melamine contamination? Where in not 8, but hundreds, maybe even thousands have suffered. Is it right to blame a whole nation for a mistake of one man? If you do, then you are most certainly DENSE. No arguments. Just an opinion.

Pass this to all Filipinos you know. If you love your country, perhaps you'll send this.

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