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Drop the bread if you want to live

Jianghuai Morning News, November 8, 2010

Yesterday, CCTV aired an exposé on the health risks associated with consumption of hydrogenated fats. Today's print media had a ball with the health scare, running headlines that played up the danger ("more harmful than pesticide," said The Beijing News).

Topping the lot was the Jianghuai Morning News, whose top headline read: 95% of bread may make you ill. The subhead reads: "CCTV report claims that the majority of snacks like 'western fast food,' cake, bread, and French fries contain hydrogenated oil, which greatly increases the risk of coronary artery disease."

The image is of Ge You with his eyes covered by what can only be Hsu Chi's hands. If You Are the One II, Feng Xiaogang's new film starring the two actors, may open in Hefei.

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