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Olympic pinhead in Guangzhou

Information Times
July 21, 2008

Wei Shengchu, a doctor, acupuncturist, beautician, and the Guinness world record holder for sticking most needles - 1,790 in all - into his body, is now trying his hand at performance art.

Yesterday the needle man's appearance in a pedestrian's street in Guangzhou turned heads. 205 miniature flags, representing the 205 countries and regions that will participate in this year's Olympic Games, were attached to acupuncture needles sticking out of his scalp. A syringe in the shape of an Olympic torch stuck out of his forehead.

Wei is traveling through all the major cities of China to promote the Olympic Games. In June when he was spotted in Wangfujing, Beijing, a Beijing Times article criticized him for mistakenly displaying the five Olympic rings upside down, an error which he quickly corrected.

Below is a video showing the needle man doing his stunt on Youtube:

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