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The Spring Festival rush officially begins

Heilongjiang Morning Post
January 24, 2008

Today's Heilongjiang Morning Post features a front-page photo of a man carrying his child to board a train.

Yesterday was the first day of this year's Spring Festival travel period, known as Chunyun (春运). During the next forty days, more than 2.37 billion trips will be taken on the nation's transport infrastructure.

The red headline at the top announces the opening of the 11th Heilongjiang People's Congress.

Other headlines:

• Group purchases for Spring Festival goods has become popular in Harbin this year;

• The Chinese-made ARJ21, a regional jet, is comparable to Boeing in safety;

• Insufficient coal supplies have brought a power shortage to thirteen provincial grids. According to the article, the shortage is nearly 70 million kilowatts;

• The photo at the lower right shows a smiling old woman, delighted that the stock market has rebounded.

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Comments on The Spring Festival rush officially begins

Infrastructure is a serious problem for China. Getting it done right takes a lot of coordination, and I'm frankly not optimistic.

Anyway, I blogged about both the travel situation and the electrical problems. Stop by and have a look for more details.

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