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Jin Jing the torch bearer returns

Southern Metropolis Daily
August 29, 2008
Modern Express
August 29, 2009

Yesterday's Beijing Paralympic torch-lighting ceremony, looking like a replica of the one at the Athens Olympics, made the front page of most of today's newspapers. And like the Athens ceremony, it was held at an ancient site: the Temple of Heaven.

Jiang Xintian, a deaf sign-language broadcaster, lit the torch from a fire kindled in a parabolic mirror and passed it to Jin Jing, the Olympic torch bearer who became famous in May when she protected the torch from assault by protesters during the Paris leg of the torch relay.

Premier Wen Jiabao lit the cauldron, kicking off national torch relay before 13th Paralympic Games open on September 6.

In other Olympics news, the media has been reporting that Guo Jingjing, the ace diver who won four gold medals for China this year, will compete four years from now in the London. Today's Modern Express, a Nanjing-based newspaper, reported that Guo is likely to compete next time not for China, but for Hong Kong.

Shanghai Morning Post
August 29, 2008

Guo is reportedly going to marry Huo Qigang, a Hong Kong resident, in September and will obtain Hong Kong residency through a new immigration policy called the "Quality Migrant Admission Scheme."

Hong Kong initiated the new immigration policy hoping to import more talent from the mainland. Li Ning, the gymnast-turned-entrepreneur who lit the Beijing Olympic cauldron told the media on August 14 that he recently acquired Hong Kong residence through the scheme.

Today's Shanghai Morning Post announced that the seventh Shanghai Biennale is going to open on September 9. On its front page, the paper printed a big photo of a human-headed dinosaur sculpture, the work of Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun who is most famous for his pink-coloured, laughing self-depictions in various art forms.

Some of the items on exhibit can be seen here.

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one country, two passports: why not?

why does HK have different olympics team, that's just don't make sense to me

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