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Lightning strikes Nanjing

Modern Express, September 3, 2010

Nanjing was visited by 370 lightning strikes yesterday, nearly 50 of them in the main urban area.

One such strike hit the Jiaozishan landfill at roughly 4pm and left two scavengers dead. The two, a Mr. Dong and the wife of a Mr. Sun, had been among the few who dared to continue picking through the rubbish as the rain picked up. They had been holding wood-handled metal prongs.

Over on the Yangtze River Bridge, a tourist named Li also died during the storm, but the newspaper was unable to determine whether he was hit by lightning or electrocuted.


The front page of the Modern Express practically screams the news: "One thundercrack takes down two Nanjingers." That eye-catching image? A composite...

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