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Microblogs react to Fang Zhouzi's violent ordeal

Dongguan Times, August 30, 2010

Fang Zhouzi (方舟子), a crusader against fraud in academia, escaped being beaten up by thugs yesterday. Today's Dongguan Times reflects concern in the media world at yet another anonymous attack. The headline reads "Who beat up Fang Zhouzi?"

In the article inside, the microblog comments of various media personalities were collected:

Ai Weiwei (famous artist): Support Fang Zhouzi all the way! Punish the gangsters severely!

Luqiu Luwei (Phoenix TV journalist): Law implementation organs have a responsibility to investigate any citizen attack and to apprehend the attacker. Judiciary departments have a responsibility to impose sanctions on the law-breaker, whether the motivation was revenge or a fight. And the reason that Fang Zhouzi was beaten is due to the work he has been doing all along, which obviously belongs to the public sphere, and therefore the truth needs to come out to the public.

Ning Caishen (writer, script-writer): If the metal hammer had hit his head… I can’t imagine it. Call on the police to quickly solve the case!

Wang Kai (CCTV presenter): Even though I don’t agree with some of Fang Zhouzi’s ideas, we must condemn these dirty actions!

Wang Shijun (TVS presenter): Fang Zhouzi is an impoverished person, but he didn’t go get wealth using his fame. He is different than the rest for his nobility. He will even offend the media. Some friends want to help him in his frequent lawsuits, so they established a small fund to help him. He regularly appears in the media to stand by his scientific knowledge, but is often angered by the edited montage. Some people say he is Don Quixote, indeed, he is fighting with a windmill.

Xu Xiaoping (one of the founders of New Oriental): Attacking Fang Zhouzi is the same as declaring war on civilized society: "Indeed I was exposed by you, the ugly deeds that are despicable to the public, but I will carry out these ugly deeds to the end, I want to see the death of you." Attacking Fang Zhouzi is attacking all the people who agree with him, and it’s attacking truth and reality, it’s attacking social conscience and society’s norms. I know my blame is worthless, but I call on the Beijing police to try all they can to capture the criminals, and tell the public how they are progressing.

Pan Shiyi (SOHO China Ltd. CEO): My regards to Fang Zhouzi! Hope that the police will catch the culprit. Fang Zhouzi and your family, please take care! Get well soon. Anyone with a sense of justice will support you.  

Yang Jinlin (Phoenix TV presenter): Regards. Against violence. We should punish the criminals! I hope the Beijing police will quickly solve the case and find the truth, which will be good for the victim and for society.  

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I was Shi-min Fang's (Fang Zhouzi) Ph.D. thesis adviser at Michigan State University. I strongly support Shi-min and his family in their recovery from this ordeal. I am shocked and saddened to hear of this attack.

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