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Beijing's weird weather

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The Beijing News
August 7, 2007
The top headline of The Beijing News announces that a special traffic lane will be set up for the Olympics. Rather than closing entire streets, the inside lane of more than 200km of roadways, including the Second and Fourth Rings, will be devoted exclusively to Olympic traffic.

A second headline reports that the Development and Reform Commission has announced two new price control regulations to combat rising prices.

The front page photo shows a partially-submerged van near Anhua Bridge on the North Third Ring Road. The area was flooded during massive rainstorms yesterday. Interestingly, Danwei offices outside of Jianguomen remained bone-dry all day.

In further wacky weather news, some citizens have reported that it snowed for five minutes on Chengfu Road in Haidian District. This follows earlier reports of snow on the East Third Ring Road last week that led to a spat between Beijing newspapers. Chinese folklore says that snow in summer indicates that there has been severe injustice done.

A meteorologist said this kind of phenomenon is definitely impossible. "The rain drops break into small pieces in strong winds, so people will see those small pieces like snowflake through their windows," the expert explained. This time there's photographic evidence so you can judge for yourself.

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Comments on Beijing's weird weather

That looks mysteriously like Hail, I was over at BLCU yesterday when it started raining and it was most certainly Hail. I don't think it hails that often in Beijing so I could see some local Beijingren confusing Hail as snow.

mother nature is getting tired of a diet of silver nitrate. Hail is more likely, but I'll bet that what Beijingers thought of as snow might have been a chemical precipitate falling from the air in the presence of lower temperatures.

Shanghai has a problem with pollution fog condensing on surfaces, this could be Beijing's version.

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