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New Life Post, August 5th, 2010

The cover story of today’s New Life Post focuses on a gambling bust in Yunnan province. One headline reads, “Gamblers didn’t believe the Special Forces were coming. ‘What police? Hurry, place your bets!’” Amidst a new crackdown in Yunnan, police arrested several hundred unsuspecting offenders.

Yesterday evening in an abandoned Huilong village factory a cloud of smoke gathered above a huddled crowd. “Place your bets, place your bets! Small or big?” There were some with delighted looks on their faces, and others who looked worried sick; there were some who within a few minutes had won hundreds of yuan, and others who had lost untold numbers.

Plainclothes cops had surrounded the area and secured exits while waiting for Special Forces to arrive. Around 5pm, forty officers arrived and began making arrests.

The top headline reads “Schools are forbidden from releasing graduation rates.” In new efforts to alleviate pressure from Chinese students, the Yunnan government has outlawed the publishing of student grades.

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