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Get off the train on time, or else!

Front Page of the Day is a daily review of the news on the front page of one Chinese newspaper. Today's paper was found at a newsstand in Beijing's central business district.

Beijing Times
August 23, 2007
The headline of today's Beijing Times announces a new joint regulation from the Ministry of Railroads and the Ministry of Public Security. The regulation says that people should protect their rights through proper means when they encounter train delays, rather than refusing to get off. People who do not follow this rule will face punishment.

The front page picture shows a Tsinghua University freshman staring at her new bicycle. Yesterday was the first day of enrollment for this year's entering class of undergraduates. Other Beijing newspapers featured photos of Zhang Fei, a student taking a fresh start at college this year after successively withdrawing from Peking University and Tsinghua in previous years due to an addiction to Internet gaming.

The top headline on the left announces that the People's Congress and the State Council have scheduled legislation concerning social welfare and charity work.

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Where's Mahatma Gandhi when you need him?

What, pray tell, would be the prescribed proper means for protecting one's rights after being trapped and drowned below 65 feet of water at the bottom of a mineshaft? Will Danwei please keep us informed about the Shandong mine disaster?

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