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Naked escorts at a Wuhan karaoke bar

Chutian Metropolis Daily
June 10, 2009

Chutian Metropolis Daily, a Wuhan-based newspaper, launched an undercover investigation into a local nightclub to uncover the illegal erotic services it provides.

Here is the translation of the report, which was featured on today's front page:

Naked escorts in the May Flower nightclub

by Ji Dong / CMD

In recent months, our newspaper has been receiving letters from readers reporting that the May Flower nightclub in Wuchang offers "naked escort" services.

One reader wrote in a letter, "We are tourists from Gansu Province. One night in late May, a friend invited us to sing karaoke at the May Flower nightclub. At the nightclub, we were told by a waitress that there was a special service. The waitress,without our permission, disrobed in front of us and went completely naked."

Continuing, the reader wrote, "Although some sauna and bathing center services may have been accepted by society, the May Flower nightclub's naked escort service goes overboard and is an extremely bad influence. At present, police are inspecting entertainment venues and cracking down on erotic performances and forced prostitution. The night club, which shows total disregard for the police ban, should be shut down to purify the social environment."

After receiving this letter, your correspondent got in touch with the reader, who said that he would like to lead me to the night club. At about 9 o'clock on the night of June 5th, I went to May Flower nightclub accompanied by the reader, Mr. Wang. A security guard ushered us in through a side door after Mr. Wang told him that we were there to sing karaoke. Inside the nightclub, a waitress came over and asked us if we had booked a room. When we told her that we didn't, she apologized and told us that that because a refurbishment was underway, there were fewer rooms than usual, all of them had been booked or were in use. Mr. Wang was given a card with a phone number and we left.

The next day, Mr. Wang called the number and booked a room. We arrived at the nightclub at about 10 pm. A lead hostess greeted us at the hall. Talking through a walkie-talkie, she summoned seven women wearing heavy makeup for us to choose from. Mr. Wang said we just came to sing, so the hostess just assigned three of the women plus a waitress to operate the karaoke machine.

The cover charge for the room was 680 yuan and we could choose drinks equivalent to that amount. Mr. Wang ordered 10 beers and we started to sing. The three women moved closer to us and encouraged us to drink, trying to energize the atmosphere. We just couldn't concentrate on singing.

Mr. Wang told me that the women would start to recommend their leisure services right away. This turned out to be true: after just a few minutes, a woman told us there was other great fun apart from singing. Feigning ignorance, Mr. Wang asked what it was. The woman appeared a bit surprised: "This must be your first time here. Didn't the madam tell you?" Her companions also told us that we could enjoy ourselves any way we wanted.

Seeing that we still made no advances, one woman whispered in Mr. Wang's ear that they could take off their clothes and it would only cost us a one hundred yuan tip for each of them, in addition to the two hundred yuan regular fee. One woman start to unbutton her blouse, but I stopped her.

After a while, the hostess opened the door. Finding everyone with their clothes on, she came up with an idea. Taking out a dice, she poured few cups of beer and suggested that we play a game of dice. If we lost, our punishment would be to drink a cup of beer. If the women lost, they would take off one item of clothing.

In order to prove they were not kidding, Mr. Wang played the dice with a woman. When she lost, she stood up and start to strip off her skirt. Trying to avoid the impending scene, I asked women not to strip further.

During the investigation, I asked the hostess whether she was concerned that this could cause trouble. She told me with pride that this was a good way to attract customers. Business was flourishing so much that rooms had to be booked in advance. She told me that few venues in Wuhan were as daring as this one, and that it had never been bothered by police inspections.

A woman said that the "naked escort" service was the nightclub's specialty of the night club, and it had 40 to 50 escort ladies in its employment. When they were hired, they were told that they had to be able to strip in front of customers. Otherwise, they would not get the job.

During our investigation, I left the room pretending to make a phone call and wandered around the second floor. There were about 10 rooms, five of which kept the door shut. Even when the waiter delivered drinks, they opened it just enough to pass the drinks through but not enough to see what was going on inside.

At about 12 o'clock, our investigation was over. All the beer, fruit, and snacks cost 1,500 yuan. We also paid each of the escorts and the hostess 300 yuan apiece as a tip, and 200 yuan for the waitress who picked the songs for us. Three of us spent a total of 2,900 yuan that night. When we left, the place was still full of people.

Yesterday afternoon, I submitted my evidence to the provincial public security bureau. An officer told us that police were taking strict measures to wipe out sexually explicit performances. If they confirmed our evidence, the May Flower nightclub would be punished severely.

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Comments on Naked escorts at a Wuhan karaoke bar

after that place gets raided, another will pop up in its place. places like this will never go away. this kind of report of ktvs are all too typical in china. you can find ktvs like this in shanghai, beijing, shenzhen, guangzhou, dongguan, hangzhou, suzhou, ... man the list goes on.

also, alot of these places have connections with the local gov.

Note on accuracy: "alot of these places have connections with the local gov. OFFICIALS."

- Not to defend the despicable local government (and Central, to a certain degree, too), but let's not go so far as to suggest that prostitution is formally institutionalized in China (in fact, legalizing prostitution is not necessarily worse than the squalid status quo).

Nevertheless, corrupt officials-->corrupt government institutions-->unfit to rule. Prostitution is perhaps not even the worst of the problems as a consequence.

Other countries (especially the developed ones) do not have corruption problems, of course.

Prostitution does not exist in the US too.

No US government official has never been arrested for using prostitution services.

ThinkTwice: The upper-right corner of the Chutian Metropolis Daily front page has a prominently-displayed info hotline for readers to tip off reporters to breaking stories. Maybe if you call them, they'll remedy their one-sided report by doing an undercover investigation of a brothel in the US.

And they'll be arrested on spying charges in the US ;)

This sort of thing would be no fun if it were legal.

I want to be escorted.

I find it hard to believe that any Chinese male compatriot, being in this particular venue in the first place, would have been "offended" by the suggestion of the extra services to the point of reporting the situation??

Sounds far fetched.

LoveChinaLongTime: Your shtick is getting tired.

Meaning the truth hurts and our fearless reporter, when not paid his initial extortion fee, went and filed the story?

when not paid his initial extortion fee
You silly sod; it's advertorial and he was paid to write the very story you've just read. I've already booked rooms for the weekend!

"Although some sauna and bathing center services may have been accepted by society, the May Flower nightclub's naked escort service goes overboard and is an extremely bad influence."

How hypocritical is that?!!
So sex with prostitutes is ok, but nudity is an extremely bad influence? Sorry to say that but it's typical for chinese society. Weird morals. As long as the lights are off and nobody sees its ok to do all kinds of dirty stuff. All about facades. And I hate to always hear how 乱 Western peoples sex life is.

This makes me want to visit China!

It only cost 100 yuan extra for the 3 women to strip naked and yet the bloke still left a 300 yuan tip! However he did say the gals wore heavy make-up, so there could have been more flaws hidden beneath whatever they were wearing, (hairy armpits, cottage cheese, etc.) so maybe paying them to keep their clothes on was not such a bad idea after all!

What is this guys problem? You have to be kidding me.

Sounds fantastic. I can't wait to go. Does anyone have directions or the number to book the room?

In the latest development, the place was shut down by the police, which needless to say is very very sad: link

You joking? this as common as an old chinese man spitting in the street.

You can walk two blocks in china, in practically any city and spot sexual services. Ive been to ktv-bars much worse than this in beijing, where the mami would slap her chest in your face on entry, and the girls would perform tricks more commonly thought to be thailand specialities.

China is wrought with this stuff, its just that its not really setup for foreigners to enjoy. more than 9/10ths of the mistresses in china are girls met by richman in ktv halls.

your article is a little naive

Wow, you guys are so busted! The latest reports say that the Mayflowers Hotel has terminated the nightclub's licence, and the club, which is/was a separate entity, has been closed and fined 20,000 yuan. It also seems there's been a crackdown on other entertainment venues around the district. There's also something I can't quite figure out about a change in administration areas from Wuchang to Hongshan, or vice versa! Not sure which.

Not sure why this article has been written. It has a very ham fisted po-faced style that suggests that it is written purely as some kind of shock / horror old purient story
. Why does this journalist and this society regard this as a problem?
Surely any survery of history from Russian to France China to America would make quite clear that stip joints and prostitution are rampant in all societies and hey, guess what none of these societies collapsed because of that! get alife!

Astonishing -- what's next, we're going to learn that some of the people driving cars with military and wj plates aren't even in the service... ?

This is just part of everyday life.

Women walk into a KTV Bar to Sing.
Male walk into a KTV Bar to have a good time in most cases means getting laid.

It is called entertainment.
Where there is demand, there is supply.
Well, in this case, the demand is sure plenty

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