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Ring roads in the northeast

Two northeastern newspapers featured similar front-page images for completely unrelated stories.

Changchun's New Culture View announces that the city's fourth ring road has now opened to traffic, "bringing the suburbs into the city." According to the map on the front page, the two inner ring roads are actually conceptual designations for joined segments of existing roadways, while the third is more of a dedicated highway. The new beltway is 67.2 kilometers long and was constructed at a cost of 6.137 billion RMB.

Shenyang has just started construction on its own fourth ring road, reports the Shenyang Evening News. The new ten-lane highway will circle the city at a circumference of 132 kilometers. Additionally, the existing third ring will be expanded from four lanes to eight.

Both newspapers report on the new interest rate hikes, as well as the latest milk scandal to rock the country: Mengniu has been accused of spreading rumors about its competitors in the infant formula market, Yili and Synutra; one Mengniu executive has been detained.

The New Culture View also devotes a headline to Lu Xun Literature Prize laureate Che Yangao, who is being hotly debated online because of his position as a municipal party committee member, as well as his poems lauding actresses from Wuhan.

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And there's Octomom below the fold in "New Culture View"! Did they just hear about her for the first time?

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