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Say hello to Low-Carbon Chen!

Jianghuai Morning News, March 3, 2011

Chen Guangbiao, the billionaire chairman of a Jiangsu-based recycling company, is a philanthropist who has a knack for getting his name in the news. Calling on the country's wealthiest citizens to donate more of their wealth, he famously pledged to donate his entire fortune at his death.

Chen's latest concern is environmental protection. In an online chat with members of People Online's Strong Nation forums, he remarked that his entire family had changed their names to demonstrate their commitment to conservation:

He will now be known as Chen Ditan (低碳, "low-carbon"), his wife is now Zhang Luse (绿色, "green"), and his daughters are Chen Huanbao (环保, "environmental protection") and Chen Huanjing (环境, "environment"). Today he plans to distribute 500 reusable bags after biking to the opening of this year's national legislative sessions, known as the lianghui.

Chen was born in Anhui, so Anhui's Jianghuai Morning Post made him the focal point of is pre-lianghui reporting. Yesterday, the paper sent several reporters to follow him around. The highlight of the day's activities was a banquet at which twelve of sixteen dishes were meatless. "'Eating more vegetables is good for your body and is low-carbon and environmental,' Chen Guangbiao said with a smile. 'I studied medicine. I'm an expert on matters of nutrition'."

Chen recently took a high-profile philanthropic tour of Taiwan during which he distributed cash to needy people as a show of gratitude for the assistance the island has shown to mainland China. Upon his return he called on other mainland tycoons to donate 5% of their wealth to construct a tunnel linking Taiwan to the mainland.

He told the paper that he intends to visit the United States later this year and distribute envelopes of cash to needy people on Wall Street.

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I think Chen should also visit Libya, Egypt, Iraq and help a lot of needy people there as they have lost everything by the recent events.


Forget Wall St! He needs to go to D.C. and hand out cash all over to those cash strapped, morally bankrupt, corrupt and easily bought bunch of carpet bagging retards otherwise known as American politicians.

Hopefully someone will clue him in about the lack of needy people on Wall Street. Or maybe the needy people will hear about his cash giveaway and flock to Wall Street. Either way, I hope to hear about it!

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