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Shaolin Soccer is real!

Henan Business Daily, July 12, 2010

The World Cup ended in the early hours of Monday morning. The Henan Business Daily didn't go with a picture of the Spanish triumphant, instead, a supposedly real-life version of Stephen Chow's (周星弛) film was played out at the Shaolin Temple in Henan province (caption inside). The title for the article is The score is a legend; very high very happy, a re-purposing of the phrases “brother is just a legend" (baidu baike) and "very yellow very violent" (baidu baike).

Beneath an ad draws attention to Wang Liqun (王立群), the university professor who became famous on the CCTV program "Lecture Room" (百家讲坛) for talking about Shiji (史记). The ad is for a Lecture Conference held by the Henan Business Daily and the Zhengzhou Kangqiao Real Estate Development Company. The topic? Knowledge about ancient illustrious families: their property and business, their traditions and just general knowledge about them (历史名门的家学、家风、家业). The charge to enter? For different sorts of guests, it's 780 yuan or 1280 yuan a pop. The event takes place at Luxury Palace, and it's bound to attract a business clientele. Here's an interview with the CEO of Zhengzhou Kangqiao Real Estate Development Company, originally from Sina.

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