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Sharon Stone boycott

Information Times
May 28, 2008

Today's Information Times ran a full page special about Hollywood actress Sharon Stone's comments about the Sichuan earthquake last week at the Cannes film festival. Stone suggested that the quake may have been a result of "karma" from China's treatment of Tibetans.

The headline on the newspaper's front page reads "Sharon Stone is an enemy of the whole nation". The inside full page special uses another headline: The Chinese people spontaneously start an anti-Sharon movement". Below the headline, there is a roundup of online criticism against the Hollywood star, laid out in two blocks with the top group captioned: "Chinese netizen: She is a pseudo-philanthropist"; the bottom one is captioned "American netizen: She should apologize."

Caption of the top image: "Sharon Stone is having a headache."

In the newspaper, her compliment to China as a "great country" during last year's Shanghai Movie Festival was dug out and compared with her "karma" comment. Other anecdotes about her—including a story about her calling a German audience "nasty little Germans"—proved, according to the newspaper, that she has always been a "big mouth". An article based on an interview with her during her stay in Shanghai that may make an interesting read can be found on Shanghai Daily in English.

On the top right corner of the full page anti-Stone special is a translated excerpt from a statement by Dior, a French cosmetic brand that Sharon Stone endorses. The statement says that Dior does not agree with Sharon Stone's remarks. However the original version of the statement has apparently not yet surfaced on the Internet.

Today's The Beijing News also reported the Sharon Stone story but in a much more moderate fashion. With most papers still putting their attention on the Sichuan quake zone, Sharon Stone's controversial remarks did not make the front page in most cases.

However, there have been many calls to boycott Sharon Stone and ban her movies from China by both netizens. Ng See-yuen (吴思远), founder of the UME Cineplex chain that operates theaters in several Chinese cities, has been widely quoted in the Chinese media condemning Stone's remarks and on the Hollywood Reporter's website saying "his company would not show the Hollywood star's films".

There is a video of Stone making her remarks and a transcript of the bad karma comment below.

Sharon Stone: First, I’m not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans, because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else, and so I have been very, concerned, about how to think about what to do about that, because I don’t, like, that. And then I’ve been, just, concerned, oh, how should we deal with the Olympics, because they’re not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who’s a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, ‘Is that karma?’, when you’re not nice the bad things happen to you?

There are currently 47 Comments for Sharon Stone boycott.

Comments on Sharon Stone boycott

Boycott all Sharon Stone movies!

Boycott Dior products as Ms. Stone is their spokesmodel!

Ms. Stone deserves to be stoned!

The crotch-flasher has made a wrong comment in a wrong time.
Unity of the Chinese, forged in the continual disasters, plus the nowhere-to-release anger, finally found an outlet and target.

Revoke her MENSA card as that was just plain stupid.

What a joke, the only thing all citizens of the world should be boycotting, are those products which endorse market fundamentalism, which is the root cause of all problems related to the diminishing natural resources, stability of life support on our shared earth, and increased money supply, which results in wealth imbalance.

Headlines such as these just show the narrow mindedness, and misguided vexation, stemming from feelings of inadequacy and xenophobic stigmata.

Personally, I despise the actress in question, why make more of an issue out of a stupid and untimely comment. I am sure that more than one person may have had the same thought, just most of us learn, for a greater reason, there are some things better left unsaid.

It was never in MENSA
With that kind of intelligence, it would never get into MENSA.


Chinese "netizens" = *YAWN*

Celebrities = *YAWN*

People that give credence to celebs = *YAWN*

"Patriotic" boycotts = *YAWN*

Was Sharon Stone suggesting that 9.11 and Hurrican Katrina were Karma too?

its just a plain stupid comment. no point in making such a big fuss over it in the Chinese media

Interesting comments by James, assuming he is a fan of this site, which was founded by an entrepreneurial-minded guy from South Africa, the motherland of racism and xenophobia.

The truth is, headlines such as these that are generated by moronic comments from Hollywood do-gooders are expected everywhere, not just in Commie China. When was the last time Americans, Europeans, or citizens of any continent were not outraged at a *celebrity* who attributed devastating natural disaster striking their homeland to karma?

Didn't you guys all yearn for Chinese speaking out their minds back in the good ol' days, why all out of a sudden you become wary of the unleashed freedom of speech by the Chinese at the grassroots level(note the PRC government has no control of the public outcry whatsoever)? Maybe your inner self is still an admirer of totalitarianism, after all?

"这是报应吧" is not the same like "Is that karma?"
the correct translation should be something like "这会是业吗?". Sharon's comment was stupid and tasteless, but CNN got scolded for cropping a picture, well then what's that translation?!

Chinese should not be so naive about the "world" sympathy being expressed for China's earthquake victims. There are a lot of crocodile tears being shed in Western countries as well as Japan. One only has to read some of the blogs. Sharon Stone's mistake was to say what a lot of people were thinking. Foreign governments (Russia and Japan) are falling over each other to give "aid" because they expect future benefits from the Chinese Government.

Foreigners also should not be so naive in thinking their donations and aid will make them liked by the Chinese. The Chinese will still demonstrate and boycott the French, the Japanese, the Americans, etc. when their government says to. Chinese will take the aid and money but it will not buy their love. Chinese will still be xenophobic and racist after this natural disaster is over. "Lao wai" will still be "lao wai."

See? Its indeed Karma. What goes around comes around. Now it seems will cost Ms Stone' her contract with Dior and perhaps more movie contracts...

And what is more interesting is too see how the global capitalist market has changed China, or the other way around, for better or for worse..

It's frightening how Chinese bend every possible (or impossible) story to make it look anti-Chinese. OK, most have only a rudimentary grasp of English. This reminds on Nazi Germany were every bit of foreign news was twisted to suit the ideology.

What I miss is some moderate intellectual comments. It's seems everybody enjoys those KKK type hate mongering.

What is wrong with that society?

why make more of an issue out of a stupid and untimely comment.

why, out of the respect of >60,000 death which are mostly children & includes Tibetan.

Also most the living which lost their love ones...

"Sharon Stone is having a headache."...
This is waht she called "karma"

en... many of them do not know the truth about tibet.

here :


I can't believe you didn't publish the rest of her comment -- the height of irresponsibility, in my opinion -- shame on you! She continued to say:

And then I got a letter from the Tibetan foundation that they wanted to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they asked me if I would write a quote about that and I said, I would, that it was a big lesson to me. That sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service, even to people who aren't nice to you. And that that's a big lesson for me.

In my opinion, this changes everything. It's very clear, by her saying that it was "a big lesson", that she believes her initial reaction was wrong.

By talking about her initial reaction, I think she was just describing a universal truth of human nature: that when you're really angry at somebody or a some group, and something bad happens to them, your initial reaction is often a feeling that it's just. It's not pretty, but I defy anyone to say that they've never felt this before.

She learned a lesson, that you have to put your head down and be of service, even to people that aren't nice to you. Wouldn't it be nice if more of us could learn this lesson?

Chinese acts so pathetic some time. Sound like a bunch of crybaby. "They hurt my feeling"

She stupids! She doesn't need a full page of NEWS paper.

It was a stupid comment, but not worth a fuss. The "Information Times" reaction (Stone a "public enemy of the people" is just as stupid, but nothing revealing either. Just the usual... umm... "patriotism".
Maybe she is feeling flattered now (and if people want to boycott all those illegal copies of her movies, it doesn't come at great costs anyway).

Listen to her second part of speech. She was only moved to tears by letter from Tibetan organization. Does this woman really care about people suffering in tragedy or she only take words from her boyfriend Dalai.

Sorry for interrupt your discussion.
As a Chinese, I must say we most people can distinguish the misguided news or not. We know that the different political position always make people hard to understand each other, the huge gap between two cultures still need more time to fill up.
However, this wasn't the excuse to despise human lives for this old woman. What really hurt Chinese people was her anti-human nature speaking and her contradictious actions about humanism. How could a human being describe that kind of disaster for million lives as "interesting" and "karma", and at same time to be an international philanthropist? We deeply doubted.


This was said with some aforethought, just not much of it.

America is looking to improve its image around the world, and this is did not the kind of help it needs.

I don't think a 50 year old American woman that once flashed her crotch to the world should be taken seriously. Espeically the time like this with a natural disaster that killed tens of thousands of people. What does a crotch-flasher know about the pain that Chinese people are going through? Let's not make this bigger than it is as the more people talk about her the more publicity she gets. She does not deserve anyone's attention - no one wants or needs to see an old crotch like hers.

Well who cares really ? She's washed up and her career is nowhere.

I think Spielberg is the one who needs to be boycotted.

I always see two sides (at least) to every issue! Sharon Stone has the right (in a free country) to express her opinion. The Chinese people have a right to express their opinions! Who is right? Neither. The only way to peace and prosperity (for all people), the Beijing Olympics motto ('One World, One Dream!') is compromise! But, compromise requires maturity.
If I were a Chinese official what I would do is invite Sharon Stone to China, take her to Sichuan, let her witness the devastation!
If I were a Chinese official I would invite the Dalai Lama to the Olympic Games.
These actions would diffuse all this animosity which only leads to more violence and ultimately war!
Let us together, make 'One World, One Dream,' a reality and not just four words!
F.A. Hutchison
in Xining

Anyway, I think it will still be good to force Dior to stop the contract with Old Sharon. Afterall she's just actress lives on contracts, she should say what kind of "Karma" to her, few million USD is a lot deal to her?

She is a bitch that should be stoned to death and go straight to hell.

As an English ;)

In an attempt to avoid creating a deluge of 'net-nonsense', I shall attempt to clarify further, because I really think the point has been missed. Firstly, let us 'not get off on the wrong foot'.

If it means anything to 'kk' (you who explained about how many people had died). Although I have never been to Sichuan, nor do I have many close friends from there, I must clarify that I marked my sorrow, and also have the deepest respect for all those people who lost their lives and their families. So what is my point?

LoveChinaLongTime said it rather crassly, but forthrightly, ‘YAWN“! What do we really hope to achieve post-obit? Just to draw attention to the fact, that we all are inclined to exhibit the enormity of our respect?

Think! Action? Or words? Denizens, your world, is also my world. We should seek mutually harmonious symbiotic perceptions and awareness. Criticize, but remember ignorant and retarded comments are not truly representative nor accurate. So, may I ask again, what is the big deal? I ask is it because, as Lucy suggested, should we ought to be interested in what an American women who flashed her crotch thinks about global events?

Furthermore, can we alter reality through well mannered political correctness, good intentions, grief and respect alone? I am grateful for my life, therefore I must refrain from taking interest in matters which really do not matter at all. A matter of life and death? Well, I can only hint that the responsibility, (and lack of therein) lies with the media corps, and of course, those entities which license them.

One last thing, can i just further reiterate that I am still not going to read the comment made by the actress in question. I don't need to beacause that person bares no resemblance to my ethos. It is only by feeding this issue, you are in turn, creating the problem of which you are trying to defuse.

dont you think 911 is interesting?
If there is a A-bomb but a plane,it will be more intersting!
dont you think Caterina is also very interesting?
If there is a storm over the whole US,I will be excited for it!

These are what Sharon Stone want to tell us!

Sharon Stone's Karma opinion has been often seen among comments responding the quake disaster in China by those so-called "Free-Tibet" activists. It's not a coincidence. From all of their comments full of hatred you can see their real faces. No wonder one of their comments even said they would rather donate one dollar to Myanmar but not a penny to China. They even believe those innocent children and their parents deserve to die. It shows how twisted their minds are. After read all of their comments, should I believe they are willing to offer any help to those quake victims? I would not.

can someone lock this thread down? - its like china daily on here.

By the way Bob.

I'm very much a fan of the site. By and large a fantastic news source, with no agenda, other than to disseminate, interpret and allow ourselves the opportunity to anaylse news. Also, the guys at Danwei seem to do a excellent job in keeping a balance in a difficult linguistically bipolar environment.

Keep it up everyone.

I wish I was Tibetan
Not a Han or Man-choo
I'd say, "Now stop your frettin'"
I'd say, "Dalai Lama...who?"

I'd move like Michael Jackson
Yeah, I'd do a moon walk.
I'd look around for action
And I'd shake a big rock

I'd watch the flatlands tremble
Man, I'd see them all shake
I'd watch the buildings crumble
As the rain fills up the lake

I'd watch the water swirl
See the people run amuck
I'd say, "That's not my world."
But I'd wish 'em all good luck.

If I was a Tibetan
Not a Han or Man-choo
I'd watch the sun a'settin'
But I'd leave the rest to you.

If you're going to write poetry (*especially* doggerel) then at least make it bloody scan:

The world it takes to frettin'
About all things Tibetan
The world is mad
Its people sad
Hot tears our cheeks are wettin'

Then the average Chinese netizen
Calls for global boycotts yet again
All you can hear
Above the fear
Is that ignorance and hate again

But now comes forth some other things
Distracting from Olympic Rings
There are thousands dead
8-point-oh they said
Distrust and death the earthquake brings

And so there comes a simple choice
Deep inside there's a quiet voice
It says forgive
So hope can live
But some still have a flag to hoist

That flag is just a flag of rage
Displayed by minds stuck in a cage
"Seek truth from facts"
Gives way to acts
That make the damage hard to gauge

So Sharon talks of being wrong
But only blood will quell this throng
The TV blares
A million airs
And one slick sappy earthquake song

Of course all of that drowns out the cries
There's a simple truth amidst the lies
No blog post can
'Till the end of man
Help one single child to dry her eyes

Why the video shows that one microphone has been blurred? Wich Tv Channel it is?

Sharon Stone is from Pennsylvania. Obviously, she is drunk all the time. Give her a break. The sticks are sometimes boring.

You tut-tuttin' Westerners,
and flag-waving Chinese,
with your sneering condescension,
it's easy to condone,

But has anyone mentioned
your nauseating tones,
when over 70,000 people,
have been buried in their homes?

and all you people think of,
is to bitch and moan,
about politics, boycotts,
and the obnoxious Ms. Stone.

Just think,
for a moment,
if it happened to you,
would you give a damn,
about the privileged few,

who can sit at their computers,
and type away,
while all you can think of,
is carrying on another day?

I support all forms of boycotts against Sharon Stones' films, products she represents such as French Perfume, D'or. She represents ignorance, stupidity, and what a big mouth!

It would be more interesting if some foreigner said something stupid like this and the Chinese internet/media didn't go nuts. Now that would be news.

The fact that she 'flashed her crotch', as many have been eager to point out, is irrelevant - in this context.
She asked, as if pondering out loud, 'is it karma?' ... A question which has likely crossed the minds of millions of Chinese - this being an unlucky year and all.
Maybe she shouldn't have spoken so frankly to a Chinese journalist.
And not a word about the lesson in compassion imparted upon her by the Tibetan Foundation ...

Where's the compassion for Sharon?

and ...

Who will be China's next scapegoat?

Any guesses?

'People', we should create a reality t.v. show - with an audience response system in place ... except everyone votes the same way, and then the winner, the scapegoat, gets skinned alive! ... and after, or before, or during, we systematically denounce and deconstruct the metaphysics of karma.

Yes, she flashed her crotch. Is that why China is so pissed?

"Let's not make this bigger than it is as the more people talk about her the more publicity she gets." (Lucy)

I whole-heartedly agree with this line. But as for the moomoo-showing, I agree with Pedro. Her old photo story is not the issue, and some of those who do may have something smarter to say than Stone. Besides, I think she hasn't much to fear from a Chinese boycott.

Before Sharon Stone's comment about "karma," I had been hearing many comments from Chinese about how it was strange that so many bad things were happening this year. These feelings were apparent on many Chinese language BBS boards, and a few times people would mention "karma." Now that Sharon Stone has mentioned the word, I'm sure everyone can go about lambasting her crotch, her choice of words, her personality, her dried up career, etc, and forget that they may have thought the same thing.

I agree with Lucy, and this boycott nonsense is just stupid. It is not until this news burst out I realised that Sharon Stone is still an actress, it is not a big deal, there are heaps of big mouth celebrities, their words counts nothing...And Dior...oh dear, it is not until this news come out, my parents learned this is an expensive French perfume brand...

So what, Sharon Stone who? At least, for me, I can't be bothered to check out her movies...Also I think Jame's point is very good, no matter who is the spokeman for CD, it is the diminishing natrual resource we need to care, and we only have one planet. I wish I would see more celebrities to advocate simple and sustainable life style...

No one in their right mind would defend Sharon Stone. Her comments were ignorant and hurtful. Nevertheless, I can't help but think back to the days and weeks following the attacks of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina when a great many Chinese were quick to express delight at the prospect of American suffering. The truth of Zhang Ziyi's recent indignant comments regarding the failure of western entertainers (e.g. Sharon Stone) to fully comprehend the degree of suffering in Sichuan notwithstanding, I don't imagine that she and her colleagues rushed to contribute to the relief efforts in New Orleans. Neither do I remember crowds of angry Americans demanding that Chinese-owned businesses in New York and San Francisco donate money and food to the displaced men, women, and children of the lower Ninth Ward.

Like everyone who has seen and read of the suffering of the people of Sichuan these last weeks, I'm as sorry as can be. That being said, recent events have also proven that Chinese hypocrisy and xenophobia is alive and well.

I, for one, am looking forward to the day when China is not quite so thin-skinned - when an poorly informed buffoon like Sharon Stone (or Jack Cafferty, for that matter) can say something stupid and the Chinese will pay no attention. As they themselves are fond of saying, "The great man bears no grudge against the petty man [who has wronged him]" (大人不记小人过) or "Ivory doesn't grown from the mouths of dogs" (狗嘴里长不出象牙来).

"The truth of Zhang Ziyi's recent indignant comments regarding the failure of western entertainers (e.g. Sharon Stone) to fully comprehend the degree of suffering in Sichuan notwithstanding, I don't imagine that she and her colleagues rushed to contribute to the relief efforts in New Orleans."---MA BOLE

Zhang Ziyi can eat a sumptuous crap sandwich. The fact that anyone donating to this disaster feels compelled to announce how much they have given makes one question the sincerity of their offering. Do it silently. I could care less if you give 1 RMB or $50 Million U.S. If you want to give great. If you don't want to give but have the opportunity to give to something or someone less fortunate then by all means do it. But NOT one of us has the right to point out who does and who does give or how much they give. That is one's own business. That is left to everone's conscience.
If you care to compare Miss Zhang Ziyi then your initial donation of 100,000 RMB pales in comparison to many of us who can't sleep our way into fortune. In comparison to the average person relatively speaking that is about 1 fen qian. How about you donate some of your Mercedes collection to the relief effort?
Zhang Ziyi should shut up like the rest of these famous idiots.

Follwing Ms Stones logic - does this mean that Hurricane Katrina was Karma because of Americas invasion of Iraq? She is truly an idiot....

I am coming on late in the game, but I do have some comments for Sharon Stone. The Dalai Lama is not your "friend," he is a teacher. He is a spiritual leader. Obviously you, have totally misinterpreted the beliefs of Buddism. I know you have a high I.Q. but your emotional and spiritual I.Q. is below zero if that is possible. Your understanding of "karma" is childish to say the least. Quit walking on the red carpet and go home and meditate.

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