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Survivor rescued 60 hours after Zhouqu landslide

Beijing Times August 11th, 2010

Three days after a disastrous landslide struck Zhouqu, Gansu Province, rescuers continue to find new survivors from the rubble.The latest survivor, a 52-year-old man named Dai Liuma, had been trapped in the ground floor of a multistory building five meters under debris for over 60 hours. A picture of him lying on stretcher appears on the front pages of several newspapers.

So far the landslide has caused 702 confirmed deaths; however, given the large number of the missing victims whose chances of survival diminish with burial time, the death toll is likely to grow rapidly in the next few days.

The top headline announces today the start-up date of restoration work of the burnt-out TVCC building, the little sister of the grander CCTV tower. There had been rumors that the building would be demolished for new construction, but the report says the main structure of the building will stay untouched.

In other news: Despite much public anger and the accusatory tone in the media's reporting on Synutra, a domestic dairy producer whose products are suspected the culprit of multiple cases of girls showing sexual development prematurely, the Ministry of Health states that it is still too early to correlate the symptoms with consumption of Synutra products.

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