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Tattooed super model takes off her tiara

Tibet Business Daily, April 8, 2010

At China's regional competition for the 20th Super Model of the World Cosmos Pageant last December, Wang Yue (王越) was crowned champion. The model, who hails from Beijing, qualified to attend the world finals to be held this year in Sichuan.

The appropriateness of her victory was were questioned after photos appeared showing a tattoo on her left shoulder, one that she had covered up during the competition. A rumor that she was an unwed mother also began circulating online.

Unable to withstand the moral condemnation, Wang held a press conference on April 6 to announce her withdrawal from the competition. Today's Tibet Business Daily reprinted a report from Dayoo online:

Asked about her reasons for withdrawing from the world competition, Wang Yue was forthright: she had been suspected of being "unqualified to be a supermodel" because of her tattoos. "Lots of top Canadian models have tattoos. So if a foreigner has a tattoo, it's art, but if a Chinese person has a tattoo, they're a bad person? I can't accept that idea."

Referring to the meaning of her tattoos, Wang said, "I once went through a period of serious depression and nearly died, and these tattoos are a witness to that. I can't accept the things they're saying, so I'd rather withdraw from competition."
Wang said she is a mother, but not an unwed mother: "I think that someone may be using this to attack me, but I trust that the truth will surface eventually."

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Another marvellous tale from the bowels of the patriarchy. Presumably 愤然腿赛ing will make her more interesting than a mere winner, and will thereby guarantee her a talk show or two?

I am an American. In America, Wang Yue would not be condemned. She would not have to step down. Not even for being an unwed mother, if that were the case.

Tattoo??? Come on now!! Get REAL.....China needs to judge her for the good she has done.

Wang Yue.....DO NOT STEP DOWN. Stand your ground. Keep your title and be proud.

that's right, wang yue! that's right, china! do what america does! that's the best way, the only true way!

we in the u.s. would never condemn someone, especially not a talking mannequin contestant, or ask them to give up a crown because something they did lies slightly outside social mores or groupthink. just ask vanessa williams or carrie prejean or someone else!

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