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Beijing's Olympic traffic control policy

The Beijing News
June 20, 2008

Beijing is set to implement its long-discussed traffic control rules in hopes of cleaning up the air and reducing traffic congestion during the upcoming Olympic Games.

Today's Beijing News announces the new rules on the front page. Some of these rules, which will be in effect from July 20 to September 20, include:

Vehicles registered in Beijing with license plates ending in an odd number will only be allowed on the roads every other day. On days when odd numbered license plates are allowed, vehicles with license plates ending in an even number are prohibited. Taxis, Ambulances, mail vans, and other public vehicles are exempt. The PLA forces and government will also cut down on their vehicle use inside Beijing.

Trucks and other heavy vehicles will not be allowed in central Beijing; their access will be limited to the outer ring roads.

Stricter regulations on vehicles driving in Beijing with registrations from outside the city will also come into effect.

Authorities estimate the new rules will reduce traffic in Beijing by 70%.

As a measure of compensation, auto owners affected by the new rules will be exempt from three months of auto tax, which will cost the government an estimated 1.3 billion yuan in revenue.

Though the method was tested last year for four days and the result was deemed satisfactory, worries remain about the effect the new rules will have on Beijing's already over-burdened public transportation system.

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can u find out if we are allowed to wear hats and take bags into the national stadium

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