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Water in Hubei

Chutian Metropolis Daily, June 28, 2010

The Chutian Metropolis Daily features several stories about water on the front page.

The image on the wrapper (shown above) is of a river bank in Jingzhou, where a high school student and a retired soldier died while attempting to rescue a drowning boy.

Zhao Long and Yan Fei, along with a number of other people, dove into the river when He Anming was seen drowning. Yan, a 30-year-old who became a cook after he retired from the army, saved He Anming and then returned to the water in search of Zhao, who had slipped underwater after becoming exhausted. Neither Zhao nor Yan made it back to shore.

Jingzhou is the location of the 2009 rescue attempt in which three college students drowned (see ESWN for details of that incident).

The top headline is announces that following a survey, the city of Wuhan has decided to ban development within 30 meters of lakes in an effort to protect the natural shoreline. The headline is rendered in red on the actual front page.

That front page, like many other papers, features a flood-related photo: a riverside park submerged under a meter of water. "Don't risk swimming here," the caption reads, although the photo shows about a dozen people who have climbed over police tape to wade in the water.

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