Green Dam Girl

Green Dam, the Nanny filter software that all PC manufacturers in China are required, by July 1, to install on all PCs they sell, has been widely criticized and mocked in the Chinese and foreign media and on the Internet.

The latest onslaught on a government policy that everyone from nationalist Chinese netizens to foreign journalists derides as absurd is a series of images featuring Green Dam Girl (绿坝娘).

Green Dam Girl removes underwear from Windows XP Girl

Chinese blogger Hecaitou has compiled a selection of the images, linked earlier on Danwei in a post titled Oddities in the Green Dam filtered words list.

According to Hecaitou, the images show the creativity of the post 80s generation (i.e. those born after 1980). The Green Dam Girl character carries a rabbit (the Green Dam software's mascot), wears a River Crab badge (a pun about 'harmonious society that Chinese netizens use to mock Internet censorship), and holds a bucket of paint to wipe out online filth.

Green Dam Girl: That unhealthy information is so gross; I'm a girl worth 40 million

Grass Mud Horse: I'm just an alpaca

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