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Jiang Ping, writing in this week's Oriental Outlook (2007.02.01), comments on hotel amenities:

Last month, my colleague Lao Chen and I went to a testing location at a university in the provincial capital for a standardized professional advancement exam. To save on time, we rented a room in a low-rise at the gate of the school.

After dinner, we wanted to take the evening to go back and brush up on the material. We had just opened the door to our room when the proprietor came in after us holding a package in her hand: "I forgot to tell you, don't forget to use this." Lao Chen took a look - it was a box of condoms. Truly puzzled, he shook his his head: "Take them away. We don't need that stuff!"

The proprietor didn't let up: "No good, you have to use them! The health department has made this clear time and again." I thought I understood something: "Ma'am, you may have misunderstood. In this room tonight there will only be the two of us." When I said this, the proprietor immediately dropped her hands and peered at me a bit suspiciously: "So that's it. I believe you, but in the event that you want to bring female students up here you can come find me. You are my customers; my responsibility is for your health."

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The proprietor should get some kind of WHO award. Sure beats those funny herbal genitalia washes you used to find in hotel rooms, claiming to be effective at preventing AIDS.

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