Here comes trouble

RMB 3 million foreign douche bag in Shanghai

Danwei recently came across an audio recording of a disgruntled customer lecturing a telephone operator at a well-known, city-wide food delivery company based in Shanghai. The identity of the operator / employee and the company have been protected in this recording.

RMB 3 Million Foreign Douchebag - Foreign Douchebag

Update: The RMB 3 million douche bag is now the subject of a parody video featuring Andy Best and music by Beijing band Joyside.

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Wow. Lets see if the human flesh search engine is capable of voice recognition...

Douche doesn't cover it.

over/under: 1-2 weeks in china

Obviously this guy has self-esteem problems and also the constant stressing that he is a BIG BOSS with 2000 people UNDER him... hahaha and with that attitude about "Chinese People" he should be OUT of China.....

what is it with some people who come to a different country thinking they're above it all? what i would give to intern at "well known food delivery service company" next time i'm in town and put some rude customers in their place.

maybe intern on monday. since he was hell bent on Blue Frog's buy one get one burger night. i'll volunteer for monday night and it'll make a great show segment. :D heh.

I think someone really needs to take the stick out of that guys ass. Poor girl.

Funny. That was some seriously friendly advice, right after he called her a 'f***ing b**ch'

So what was the complaint? Blue Frog has a 2 for 1 deal and XXXX, a well-known city wide delivery service doesn't deliver free food or something? Or more likely, Blue Frog doesn't offer the deal on take out orders. I can't see how the delivery people would get involved with what part of the order is paid and not paid. Of course since the delivery price is based on the price of the food (IIRC, I have never used the service) its possible...

[AjS: comment slightly edited to protect the identity of the company]

"i make 3 million rmb a year and i am 30 years old and there is a reason"

i had a good laugh.

What an asshole!

I can't bring myself to listen ... please tell me he's not British. The shame of it all.

No, sadly he's clearly North American.

I love this: "Chinese people are very rude." Yes, sir, and you clearly demonstrate that is not an exclusive global franchise.

The girl on the receiving end of this unwarranted abuse was really cool and very professional.

I want to go to personally apologise for this loud mouthed, arrogant, ignorant, idiotic asshole.

Unfortunately, he is not the first I have come across. But he makes it all so much more difficult for the rest of us.

Remind me my US teacher Jason Hall. Mr. Hall, thanks for telling me the fact that Chinese people are "physically weak and mentally retarded".

I never understand racism generally, but the idea of someone with such a poor view of a particular race living in that race's homeland defies any comprehension. If you hate Chinese people, don't live in China. It's not rocket science.

If the "human search engine" can find me the girl's name, I will hire her at double her current salary (as long as she's ok with a move to Beijing).

THAT, my rude American friend, is SERVICE.

Why protect the name of the caller?

Let people google him and teach him some manners.

Why didn't the girl yell at the jackass? The girl was far too quiet and too polite. This guy is definitely an asshole in any country.

This guy's days in Shanghai are sooooooo numbered... We'll see what the human flesh search engine turns up. I'm not sure what will be more funnier, if he really is a 30 year old Rmb 3m executive and gets ass-canned or if he turns out to be some unemployed schmecky...

it's just bound to be good. I'm checking Danwei for updates everyday!

BUT i can understand him though, he is just pissed off that all the other girls that he meets in real life rejects him and now when a girl said NO to him on the phone he just freaked out.

simple psychology.

get a life.

No doubt that this guy is a complete jerk. Nothing worth defending here. That noted, I sincerely hope that his name remains confidential. Whatever he said - and it was really pathetic - isn't going to come close to equaling, in severity, the kind of slap-down that the foreigner equivalent of the Human Flesh Search Engine is about to lay on this guy. Let it go, folks.

track this clown down. he deserves a shoeing. what an arsehole. I'm raging at this tool. I think he is a touch insecure

Whoever knows the voice, please do provide a brief profile of Douchbag-of-the-moment for us to enjoy. You do not need to out him, just a brief character sketch, confirmation (or not) of his station in life, and an update on how he's feels now that his customer service wisdom is available for all to appreciate.

Yes, I don't doubt he's 30, I shudder to recognize from his accent and phrasing he is American but, no, he doesn't have 2000 people working underneath him nor does he have an income of RMB 3,000,000 yearly. This guy makes the late Leona Hemsley look good. A friggin' loser, and should be denied a passport out of compassion for the rest of us.

The girl is simply sterling - bravo! I'd award her this jerk's two ears and the tail.

I got this guy's order - one knuckle sandwich to go...

This guy is certainly American. His accent is a dead give away, not to mention that he admits it when is instructing the operator about how to do business with Americans and then tries to save himself by adding Europeans... Don't know why we have to drag down the Europeans with us.

"Remind me my US teacher Jason Hall. Mr. Hall, thanks for telling me the fact that Chinese people are "physically weak and mentally retarded".
Posted by: King"

This is why Americans are so popular these days. I love my country, but sometimes I just can't believe the crap we do. I am a teacher at a Chinese Uni as well. While I am not a brilliant teacher, at least I can manage to stand in front of 40 people for 2 hours without insulting their heritage. I have had a couple of colleagues who loved telling the students what was wrong with them and what was wrong with Chinese people in general. I can't believe that Chinese UNIVERSITY students have to sit through that sort of garbage. I salute you, Mr. King for not throttling Mr. Hall, you are a better man than I.

Is he drunk? Kinda sounds like it. Not that's an excuse, but wow...what an idiot.

I am Chinese, and my husband suggested the word "douche nozzle", but I didn't feel it was strong enough. I think "asshole" might work. Any other suggestion?

the guy self-identifies as a "loyal" patron of a 2-for-1 burger night.

need we say more?

God, I'm puking while listening to this. So shameful.

Only in Shanghai, where the douchebag lao wai flourish in droves...

My wife and I both listened to this and we both agree: The guy is an arsehole (we spell properly in our household) and the girl is awesome. I was especially happy to note that not once did the word 'sorry' exit her lips. I was just about ready to do some serious violence to the nearest inanimate object when I heard him translate American into European into foreigners. Being neither American nor European but looking like most of them, I was thoroughly disgusted to be lumped into that group by some fool who clearly knows nothing of his own culture let alone mine. Not that there's anything wrong with Americans or foreigners: I was disgusted that he would translate his arseholeness first into 'all Americans', thence to 'all Europeans', thence to the rest of us. Most of us are not that bad, and any foreign friend of mine who behaved like that would get a damn good clip round the ear at the very least.

Ugh. What a dick.

Nothing more to say than what a prick!

After you're all done taking your moral shits upon that man (some pungent diarrheas I admit), you can wake up to find that this is simply a prank. (Have any of you even heard of Andy Kaufman--who lectured the southerners on hygiene, but now seems to have crossed the Pacific to lecutre from a Shanghai telephone booth?)
Gong xi, gong xi to Danwei for a good prank of its own.

We know how to properly spell "asshole" in our household too. =P

I'm sure he's one of the many who have been laid off in the past week and are going home.

he has to learn something about the culture too. He probably can't even say Ni Hao.

i make 3 million rmb a year and am only 30 years old. love it. this guys is my hero. can't wait for the next time i order in western food.

Lets hunt this guy down and place him on youtube for all to see.

I am sure we can find out who he is, we should all put the link on our facebook pages to find him.

This girl I would offer her a job anytime.


painful to listen to

Whatever the real identities and facts of the communication, the essence of this conversation is sad. I think the increasing openness shared between China and the USA is one of the happiest circumstances of the past few years. Leave it to some American smegma with an inferiority complex to spread the impression of Americans as self-important ignorant idiots. I agree with Shopgirls Shanghai, this smegma of a fragrant monkey tail is a complete loser. As an American, and as a very small part of an increasingly cordial and important cultural exchange, I feel ashamed to share nationality with this loser.

Yeah, his attitude is deplorable. Still though, interesting that so many of you are willing to invoke the ultra lame (and terrifying) internet lynch mobs aka "human flesh search engine". It seems his arrogance has sparked our taste for blood!

Shirley Jackson was a visionary, no?

Whatever man. You all just keep on hating (You know you want to be in him.) The CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. The CUSTOMER HAS THE RIGHT TO BE AN ASSHOLE (especially if they make 3 million RMB a year.) Okay, although this girl scored some major points by being professional through it all. ARSEHOLES are arsholes, they have an unalienable right, wherever they happen to be.

But still, danwei commenters all suck.

Americans RULE. This guy rocks. Rich lords have all you sstupid peasants in check. Ahaha. The girl should know her place, I mean after all this guy is a 3 million RMB "da wan-er." Best believe it, before the NWO lords nuke you fools from orbitzzzz.

(Shopgirl is the only one here that gets a pass. She can do no wrong.)


All hail the new Chinese people generalizing, Arsehole Lord of Shanghai.

god what a racist son of a bitch, just hearing how deplorable the human race can be is so depressing.

in australia, we dont' have a 2 for 1 burger deal. big woop. is he gonna call up and lecture us on it too?

love the irony at the end when he's lecturing her on always saying the customer is right and doesn't notice the whole while that is exactly what she is doing.


Twat, he supposedly has so much cash and people working under him, he needs to confirm that they do 'buy one, get one free'. Surely the call is traceable and he should be kicked out.

It was un-called for and deserving of a smack in the mouth.

Nasty bastard

Holy shit. What an asshole.

Wow, what an arrogant prick. If he worked for me and I hear him talk like that to a vendor, I'd fire his ass so fast he "won't have time to collect his things."

Are Blue Frog burgers any good?

Don't search the identity of the guy, but I'd like to know the food chain, and tell their boss how wonderful and professional their employees are. This girl is awesome!

given this douchebag's level of retardation, I wouldn't be surprised if he actually has 2000 people working under him and makes 3 million RMB a year. Incidentally, how'd Danwei get a hold of this?

Obviously the girl doesn't understand the English language well, much less the Western way of speech and code of manners.

Now you know why AMERICA IS IN SUCH A DEEP SHIT HOLE. Hello does he even knows how much is 3million RMB, not much if you convert to other countries currency. He is the one that needs some education not the girl. All I can say is he is the one that do not understands english. The deal of the buy one get one free does not extends to takeaway. Trace find and shame him

Joe S - I think you are right, otherwise she would have told him to stick his apology up his arse

I'm Chinese. Maybe the girl sounds cool, but she is not being professional. As a worker in a well-know food delivery company, she should be kinder to customers, and should not hesitate to say sorry.

"today you make a small step".

I believe everybody did.

Poor guy, alone at home on a monday night. He just wants a couple of burgers. And one for free cause he only makes 3 million RMB a year.

Sherpa Rulz.
Long live the late nite Snacking service.


I used to work for this fine delivery service (left to work at my friend's company in Suzhou, otherwise would definitely have kept working there!), and I can assure everyone this isn't a one-off occurrence. The company records all incoming calls to use in trainings and to help poor 20-year-old Chinese girls who are speaking their 2nd or 3rd language prepare for foreign douchebags. Douchebags who somehow are always rich beyond belief, yet feel they have to lecture others for 5 minutes over a free hamburger. Just so you know, there are many many many more douchebags out there. . .

I'm picturing an overweight "English teacher".

I just hurled over my laptop while listening to this. Douche bag is too kind a term for this small, small person.

She has a Sunny disposition, that's for sure. But I do believe this is a prank. It's just too perfect. I can see it now:

Tony Clifton will be performing at Blue Frog for the rest of the week. No smoking, as he has sensitive lungs.

"Excuse me, ma'am, you appear to be sitting in some cottage cheese. Oh, wait, that's just your ass."

^^ Aren't pranks supposed to be funny?????

This just sounds like some half pissed arsehole taking out his bad day on someone who can't fight back !!


This guy is the biggest wanker around in Shanghai City. I dont think he has anyone to talk to so he calls someone at a food delivery place and takin his frustration out... I really wish I would be the one on the other side of the phone and would teach him what attitude is...I feel bad for the chinese girl but hopefully other chinese people can hear these audio clips and read our comments and understand foreigners or chinese everyone is equal and no one has to take BULL SHIT from anyone!

What an asshole! What a conversation between a polite American and a rude Chinese girl!

WoW, That was very, very painful to listen too. That girl is a saint. I would of asked that guy to come down to restaurant so i could have my 6 cousins break his legs with a wok.

The service is clearly Sherpa's and the girl is clearly Sunny and she deserves a bonus. Why can't we have the guy's info, he should be chased out of town!

What a dick! - see what happens? lets boycott this guy, we want his NAME

"What a dick! - see what happens? lets boycott this guy, we want his NAME"

'Boycott' this guy? Do you usually hire him for services then?

That's it!!! He earns 3M RMB peddling his arse!

And there we have the perfect encapsulation of why, geopolitically speaking, an angry, confused, frustrated US is on the slide, and will soon pass a level-headed, perfectly-poised China heading in the opposite direction, smiling beatifically as it goes. Rage was my first reaction listening to this. Then it turned to pity, not for the girl but for the twatish caller. The era when this kind of macho-capitalist bravado is basically over, and he hasn't got it yet. Wanker.

Adam (post writer Adam)

When you say you came across this, what exactly do you mean? You are not the first one to publish it on the net? Can we have the link to the other site?

Douche, the only word for it. The girl deserves a raise though, if anyone meets a girl called 'Sunny' who works at a call centre for a restaurant buy her a drink or whatever else just to show that not all foreigners in China believe that having a white skin gives them the right to treat Chinese folk like dirt.

wow. that was harsh.


Sorry for any confusion. When I said "Danwei came across...," I meant offline, not on. Danwei is the first to publish this particular piece of content online. It has since been republished elsewhere online. Namely on 56minus1 and Shanghaiist.

I no longer have the original file from which I made the "edited" version posted here. Hope that clears things up.


Not that it is necessary to defend my American brethren, but while you are all bashing my country's people and justify this action by defending against this one individual's verbal dislike for the Chinese may I point out that despite some obnoxious bad apples, that Americans are still the largest contributors to charity even in this tough economic downturn. So while we may be the fattest nation, and have with the Germans, and the Aussies some of the loudest drunken vactioners, we do have some great, honest, and moral folks.
This guy of course has no tact. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
As Adam said above though, let it go.
The only thing the rest of us "foreign douches" (because all of us here are douches in the mind of many natives) can do is to kill them with kindness. In stead of hunting down this fellow why don't we instead follow the example of most of our sane-minded Chinese and first start by changing our own mindset. If we are mindful of our own actions, and that we are visitors in this country under the mercy of these hosts then by setting a good example we can erase this idiot's stupid outburst and do something constructive.
Nature has a way of correcting things by itself. This guy will eventually piss off the wrong person and justice will be served. Leave it be for now though dudes. This fella most definitely isn't worth your time and aggravation.
Just one question...
If he/she makes 3 million RMB/year and has 2000 employees why does he a.)need a buy 1 get 1 free deal and 2.)why doesn't one of his 2000 employees take care of his food procurement?

This guy is so rude it's ridiculous, he made me laugh (at himeself) in parts because he was so rude and arrogant. I assume he lives in Shanghai and yet he understands nothing about the Chinese people. Very western-minded.. doesn't understand that the western way is NOT the ONLY way. It is just his way.. all he cares about is results and fixed terms of business.

This man and people of that ilk exist all over the world. We all know that. Meanwhile I feel thankful for people's kind comments here.
I am a chinese, and I totally know how this feels.
And especially right now, as I am abroad,get ten times embarrassed,irritated by the douch bags from my birthplace.

And to Graham Bond, Thanks for saying that,al though I dont agree the macho-capitalist bravado era is over,at least for us poor chinese. This is a basic value tied with the birth of the C*C*P, or they just tailored it to a "Macho-Socialist" bravado...

Poor us. Sigh.

I want to know where he lives. Let me at him. LET ME AT HIM!!!

To be fair to the guy he did have a legitimate complain and started off speaking fairly carmly. Although his reaction was a little OTT her response "well thats fine" was equally unacceptable.

Separate point - whole lot of US bashers on here!!!!

I preferred the old days when you just got told "mei you."

What's the record number of comments for a single Danwei item?

What do you think she should have said ? She only has workable english and the guy is complaining about not getting a free burger. You think every customer that bitches for no reason in a restaurant should get free food ?

"her response "well thats fine" was equally unacceptable."

If he is making 3 million RMB a year then WTF is it so important to complain about free burgers? He can at least by a plane ticket to go back the US of Arsland to buy a fresh burger once in awhile.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What an LOSER!!!!!!!!!! I remember all-too-well crazy, high and mighty foreigners living in China. How embarrassing. That poor girl having to put up with that kind of torture!

Where do I find this douche bag?

I am also a chinese. I feel sad first I saw people out here say our Chinese people are rude and don’t have good manners, as our China has over 5000 yrs of history but now degenerate into let foreign people tell us what the code of manner is. I have no idea why now in china we have this faultage exist.If Kong Zi is still alive, he must be crying out of tears.
But everything has 2 sides. After I listen to this record, in spite of the rude attitude this man had on the phone,I have to say this bastard do has a point. He want to let her know that he is rich for a reason. Because he always take care of customer’s needs when he do business, never show negative attitude to customer, and be responsible. But that little girl just don’t have a sense of how to serving customer, and be helpful. If she can open her cute little mouth to say” Sorry, Sir. Our company doesn’t co-work with the restaurant for that burger promotion.” Then this whole thing won’t happened. But through this whole course, that girl didn’t take care of it at all. Maybe she is too young…
And as one of the hosts of China, I should say, foreign people are welcome here. That is for sure! As we just held Beijing Olympic opera so successful~ that is a good start for china to foreign countries. I don’t want to see our Chinese people to becoming blind and unreasonable.
As we are now living a a world even car can buy one get one free. Of course people can request for burger buy one get one free. & I guess queen Elizabeth will envy people live in China who can order whatever they like by themselves even he owned a company with 2000 people under him.

I would love to be his customer (as they are always right) and tell him what a rude prick he is and watch him say 'yes you are right mr customer' And why is someone who earns 3 million RMB per year after a 2 4 1 burger deal.
Shame he is hiding behind a phone.... make yourself public!!!

"He can at least by a plane ticket to go back the US of Arsland"---MISS JANE

So if I say, "the PR of Cacksuckas" this is perfectly acceptable? You are sinking to the level of this burger joint patron. The great United States of America and its people demand an apology from you Miss Jane. Shame on you.


Being Chinese myself and having lived in the west for over 10 years, I have to tell you that your line of thought is exactly what makes the Chinese people perceived as weak and push-over. Your suggestion of putting up with such nasty behavior fits very well with the weak and submissive Asian stereotype that's rampant in the west. No, this guy does not have a point. He's just a rude, self-important moron. The correct response to him should've been "Sir, we don't accept that kind of behavior" and hang up in 2 seconds.

From my observations, the Chinese, and largely other Asians as well, still suffers an deep-set inferior complex toward the west. While most westerner commentors above find this guy to be a total a-hole, both you and another Chinese commentor earlier still find fault with the Chinese girl, who in my opinion tolerates too much of this guy and his senseless drivel.

Respect should be mutual, and welcome should be extended only to those who appreciates. The Chinese people should get rid of the mindset that foreigners are to be pleased at all time without condition. This guy obviously does not respect our people, and thinks he is a god-send for bringing business to China. It should be made clear foreigners like this guy are not welcome and should pack up and leave if he doesn't know how to behave. On the other hand, it's high time that the Chinese learn to treat her own people better, and not always put foreigners at a higher social status than our own brothers and sisters.

Oh, thanks, DC.
you teached me something useful~

I think i get your point.
united we stand, divided we fall.

This guy is full of crap, is probably some low level manager, if that, and decided to go on a power trip over the phone because he would never have the balls to do it face to face. Any foreigner who is a top-level executive in China knows better than this and the fact that he had to drop titles and figures like that just goes to show how he really is full of @$#%$#. My fellow Chinese, this moron is not worth your time, aggravation, or anger. I have a feeling this imbecile will bring about his own downfall in short order.

I don't understand why the recording has the identities removed. The girl does nothing wrong, and the guy is a prick. Can't see anyone taking it out on the girl or the restaurant, and the guy deserves whatever come to him.

Mr. disgruntled douche bag customer, I can't find suitable filthy words in English to describe you and your despicable behaviour so I will use my mother tongue, Italian, or better, some Roman dialect: aho, a gran fijo de 'na mignotta, sei proprio un poraccio da quattro sordi che solo a sentitte parla' cosi' ce sarebbe da pijiatte a schiaffi e carci in culo dalla Granne Muraja fino ar Colosseo, e senza soste pe' fatte anna' ar cesso. Ma lo sai ando' te li poi ficca' quei 3 miglioni de RMB all'anno? Ma che te volevi magna'?'n amburghe? Ma che te possano anna' pe traverso tutti quelli che te magnerai da qui fino a quanno schiatti. Arivederci, stronzo.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

I consider 3,000,000RMB a year excellence. Even if he was just having a bad day, his habit of handle stress don't cooperate with the habits of excellence.


this guy is so lucky he didnt talk to me

i would of hang up and call him and diss him so badly, he'd be back to his hometown crying to his mommy what a loser...

with us... American (USA ..)

Would it be possible to have this guy read all the comments ?...I do hope !
Maybe HE would learn about his own attitude...But it's not even sure, he is SO arrogant...
Please please please forward this link to all your friends, then it might THE guy...

yeah, shes my colleague at work, shes very cute and kind, really warm hearted girl she deserves an applause no??

shes so cute on this conversation, so many times so clueless of what the other retard said to her

i just want to hurt him, like kick his balls very very hard and fast several times with my very sharp stiletto heels.

and then spit on him 3 times, and then use my nails to scratch this face...

hmm, i think that was about it :)

"you have a very bad attitude" hahaha omg I would like to kick that fuckers ass so much.

I don't think the girl understood everything the man said.

What a cheap kunt! I hope he can hear how f'king cheap he is. Typical American hobo asshole.

This is funny!
Someone who has a bad attitude claims that someone else' has a bad attitude...what a hypocrite!

This man is so funny.....someone who makes 3 million RMB argues over a burger...
what a dumbass

Typical American! He wanted extra burger for the same price so he could be even more FAT.

Eat less you wankers.

Come on, surely this is a fake?

Some clever marketing from Blue Frog?

Totally agree with The Peking Order comment. This has ALL the characteristics of a fake, made by blue frog to promote themselves. No doubt that this kind of douche bag exist out there but come on, this recording is stupidly outrageous, the guy seems like an absolute redneck from his countryside, and these kind of guys are rarely expats in China, the girl sounds retarded, keeping a totally pointless conversation running for 5 minutes... Nothing is believable in there, but blue frog's names isn't blanked of course. And knowing the kind of nasty (and expensive!) junk food they serve at Blue Frog, they definitely need strong marteking invention to attract customers! Could danwei enlight us on how they got this "recording"??

hijo de puta!!! seriously, lets collect some money and the prize goes to whoever finds the asshole first.......


How and why did this get made public? Sounds to me like that service really doesn't value its customers.

A man with a complaint, and now he deserves a lynching? He was wrong, the world is indeed a civilized place.

The girl dismissed his complaint, albeit nicely, but she did in fact dismiss him, when all he wanted was a clarification. Part of the cultural difference of "Meiyou" culture - the customer is last, not first.

People who complain in China are mocked. Man, what a brilliant social system.

Further, the guy went out of his way to offer her customer service advice, advice she ought to take to heart. And now he's being strung up for it?

Or is his crime being "wealthy"? I think that's what all this is about. The fact that he was offering her some perspective but all these internet Einsteins can see is the arrogance they themselves would have were they in his position.

TIC - where service means never having to say you're sorry.

And he has a point, if these businesses want to exploit the expat market, it wouldn't hurt to get off their duffs and learn how to provide service. I've been in China long enough to recognize that a smile often conceals a dagger.

Notice how uncooperative she really was - how many times did he have to ask for a manager?

He's being blamed for being racist but in fact, it's those casting judgments that reveal their own prejudices.

Oh, and is it even ethical to further exploit a private conversation for one's own interests? Just because the clip's gone public doesn't mean one is excepted from the moral implications of using it.

And if lynching is the rule, then it's time to dust off the six-shooters. If that's the kind of society people want to live in.

This guy sounds obviously drunk.

Wow...this is typical racist whites.

Sounds like my old boss... not in China, in Canada, and yes, he was also American and... almost got beat up for talking that way to a service guy who walked off the job, not that I blame him... unfortunately some people tie their sense of worth to their net worth and believe everyone else should do the same.

I freelance now :-)

Aww...considering the guy allegedly makes 3 mil rmb a year and he STILL gave the girl a chance to apologize? What were the chances of such an act of mercy?

And to think he's in charge of 2,000 people "below" him. I guess that gives hope that China someday will let it's service industry bend over backwards to please dorks like him.

Simultaneously, Americans like him are probably the reason the Chinese government still makes the F visa hard to extend.

Amazing how patient Chinese can be, it must be my favourite Chinese quality.

This girl is listening to a drunken idiot babbling for 10 minutes straight, and she doesn't get upset and she even thanks him a few times for his "advice"

This guy is a pig. The girl responded the best she could under the circumstances -- except, if I were her, I would have happily handed the call over to my boss, after putting the guy on hold and thoroughly describing his douchebaggy attitude. I'm sure she doesn't get paid enough to take that bullsh*t. That's what managers are for.

Definitely fake. Firstly, it's not even a realistic complaint. It's a complaint that conveniently allows that restaurant in question to get a mention.
Secondly, he is loud but barely angry sounding, however, he never loses his cool and manages to mantain clear speech. She is quiet so she sounds a little scared, however, she never gets so nervous as to speak unclearly.
This will come out as a fake soon and that restaurant will get even more publicity...

I'm saddened by the level of intelligence one finds online.

Referring to the comments, not the recording.

I can hardly listen to it, but there was relief that it wasn't someone I knew or I'd have to hand him over to the lynch mob (before lynching myself for knowing him). Someone is going to have to 'out' him.

The girl was pretty cool in the circumstances.

he just wanted a free burger on Mondays :(

Douchebag doesnt even begin to cover it...
2000 people working under him? then he must be working on the top floor of a really tall building...
3 million yuan a year? then he needs to buy some class and another beer to make the slur in his voice more pronounced.....
Wonder what his chinese girlfriend thought about that call?

If the cracker aint happy he can go back to his "cuntry"

i wanna roll up a copy of sherpas and repeatedly hit him over the head with it... i think i might know the guy as well! sounds like the dude... will give him a call tomorrow and see if he's the wanker...

we've all had our china moments, i'm sure... but GOOD GOD! it's enough to make me want to get nail clippers and snip off his nipples... GOOD SERVICE?!?!

what an ARSE

Hey look, the guy is an arsehole. There is no need to bait people here though with retarded remarks such as the "go back to your country" crap. Stop being an arsehole yourself, jackass.


wow who the hell is this guy? what a freaking ASSHOLE

Enough already. Everyone stop calling him an assh*le, an arse, or anything anal-apparature associated in anyway. It's annoying and shows a lack of creativity. If everyone is going to continue this charade of cowardice by commenting on his state of being on this here message board, then please bring some new and inventive ways to insulting the fellow. Otherwise as Rick Moranis said in Spaceballs, "I'm surrounded by assh*les". Yes, that's right. All of you are surrounding Rock Moranis.

you, sir, bring the laughter to slaughter!

I already flogged this to death on Sha-iist comments but not so many people seem to be discussing the idea of 'outing' someone potentially for a average-to-low level customer is king rant.

No offense, Adam, but publishing the recording is a kind of irresponsible tabloid thing to do. When Tabloid's back home do this they get fined and then sued. But they have the cash and balance it against their sales.

Assuming this is not fake. What if someone did ID the guy. Maybe someone who knows him and knows the story let it slip, not just from the voice. Then what if he got hosiptalized?

The Danwei post does not call for this and their track record is sound. However, I think it certainly brings up the topic as a talking point.

This guy is an ASSHOLE! said in spite of sgt. idiot.

that jerk better pray there won't be a chinese translation of the clip

If the measure of a person is defined by how well they treat people they don't need to treat well...

This could have been anyone, from any country. I'd even say that if I couldn't tell the difference between an American and British accent, I would have guessed he was British, except for his odd secondary goal of "helping" the girl on the phone with him, those Americans are always SOOOO helpful.

This guy is obviously having emotional problems. He very clearly called the customer service not because he wanted his problem ameliorated, but because he was pissed off that he didn't get what he wanted/expected and wanted a proverbial punching-bag on whom to take out his frustrations.

Having been an expatriate myself, I've found that regardless of national origin, expats tend to be maladjusted. Of course, there are plenty of normal ones, like me, for instance. :)

The customer service rep handled herself perfectly. She probably has to handle a certain number of these types of calls per week and I think it is to her credit that she did not blow her top, as some of you fools suggested she should have done. If she had done that, she could have lost her job.

The funny thing is that all these posters here seem outraged at this foreigners behaviour yet I believe all are guilty of it themselves. Bunch of foreign garbage over in China to exploit and degrade the people and culture.

This is not the first time i`ve seen this type of behaviour and I know it won`t be the last. That is the simple problem with foreigners in China, they think they are better.

It`s true of all foreigners. I hope this recording and the outrage that is has stirred up be a lesson. Next time you find yourself being a prick, think about how ridiculous the douche on the phone sounded.

Not everyone speaks English, people have got to realize that. You`re in their country, not the other way around. Damn laowais..make me sick

Oh come on... Don't over generalize...Assholes are assholes (fu sgt. Slaughter)

Can't we all just get along??? (Yeah, I will pass it.... soon)

However, I have to say this does seem a little bit of of an over reaction... perhaps some sort of collective guilt trip? Naw, I think it's just typical internet b.s. where people are all jumping on the bandwagon (oh yeah, we know we are better than them!!! We are perfect liberal human beings.) Nothing to see here, move along. (Don't try to derive deep universal life lesson/truth from a few comments, please. Maybe you can... Maybe you are a guru and I'm merely an idiot)

esl teacher

I am also a chinese. I feel sad first I saw people out here say our Chinese people are rude and don’t have good manners, as our China has over 5000 yrs of history but now degenerate into let foreign people tell us what the code of manner is. I have no idea why now in china we have this faultage exist.If Kong Zi is still alive, he must be crying out of tears.
But everything has 2 sides. After I listen to this record, in spite of the rude attitude this man had on the phone,I have to say this bastard do has a point. He want to let her know that he is rich for a reason. Because he always take care of customer’s needs when he do business, never show negative attitude to customer, and be responsible. But that little girl just don’t have a sense of how to serving customer, and be helpful. If she can open her cute little mouth to say” Sorry, Sir. Our company doesn’t co-work with the restaurant for that burger promotion.” Then this whole thing won’t happened. But through this whole course, that girl didn’t take care of it at all. Maybe she is too young…
And as one of the hosts of China, I should say, foreign people are welcome here. That is for sure! As we just held Beijing Olympic opera so successful~ that is a good start for china to foreign countries. I don’t want to see our Chinese people to becoming blind and unreasonable.
As we are now living a a world even car can buy one get one free. Of course people can request for burger buy one get one free. & I guess queen Elizabeth will envy people live in China who can order whatever they like by themselves even he owned a company with 2000 people under him.
this one is an asshole too !!!shame of chinese!!!

Oh, so globalisation = Americanisation of cultures across the globe? Is it a one way street where you HAVE to be served American breakfasts in Chinese hotels, HAVE to be named with fancy American names instead of Chinese (Hilton Hotel is one prime example)? Oh and what exactly is this guy trying to say? That all foreigners ARE like him (read American?)

Thank his luck that he was not dealing with some customer relationship personnel in the Middle East. They'd have skewered him verbally.

Bravo Girl, your coolheadedness did make a huge statement on your own culture.

ummm, question, why does he care about a free burger when he makes 30 million a year? what a joke.

douche bag's douche bag

People have mentioned the 'why does he care about the free burger if he makes 3m a year'.

Now, believe me, generally in this life, the richer someone is, the more stingy they suddenly become.

The guy is a cockwad, though.

My deepest apologies to the Chinese people as a whole. I'm American and this rude idiot is clearly from my country. He's an embarrassing example of the worst my country produces. Clearly an asshole with no manners or civility. Arrogence is his biggest quality.
I'm in China too. Yeah, there are at times aggravating cultural differences that test ones patience. But, I realise I'm a guest here and I must adapt to your culture.
And you know what, I LOVE it here and I love the chinese people. It is an amazing culture and country. This rude A-hole is not a normal example of Americans. He's the exeption.
And on behalf of all Americans, I apologise.

I don't know what all the fuss is about re. this dialogue. Although I disagree that the dude gave the Chinese airhead 'friendly' advice, like he put it, I hazard to guess that many of the people who have commented here saying that he is a total jerk, a-hole, etc., haven't dealt with mainland Chinese people long enough to understand how inherently rude and useless they are, especially by western standards.

He actually had every right to complain about her lackluster response and outright rudeness, essentially telling him that she doesn't give a shit about where he takes his business. She wouldn't have been lectured by him if she had only showed *some* kind of empathy for the situation.

I've encountered this attitude over here (Yes, I live in mainland China in Shanghai!) on countless occasions in several cities. As a westerner, it's a humbling and shocking experience to deal with such apathy and rudeness on a daily basis. The Chinese simply *don't* understand the concept of business etiquette or customer service. Hats off to him for lecturing some sense into her. He should have refrained from the cursing, though.

Myself like a lot of people here have lived on the mainland for close on a decade. i have encountered every rudeness one could imagine. I have fights with taxi drivers (literally), argued with all sorts, been insulted in every way possible and not once, not even once, have I called a female customer service assistant a "fu*king bith". that was the exact moment this dickhead blew it. the rest was just pure embarrassing. showed his lack of class, imagining he had the right to lecture anyone. first class loser I'm afraid

douche bag? Adam, why douche bag? why not butt plug? penis enlarger?

I hate the cursing and despise that guy's condescending attitude, but as a Hong Kong Chinese I think the conversation went downhill probably because of a language (in)competency problem. I think the lady certainly hasn't learnt the correct usage of certain phrases (and her English wasn't good enough to allow her understand and respond quickly enough). Unfortunately the guy didn't realise that.

Very sad that it actually happens all the time. Living in HK I often encounter it -- across different languages and even Chinese dialects.

So I think let's just laugh over and then move on. There really is no need for the amount anger shown in the earlier comments. We already have too many fengqing ("angry young people").

What a pointless berating. If anyone wants to learn how to yell as the XXXXX'x staff in a productive way I can give lessons.

wow ... I guess the Blue Frog burgers in Shanghai must be really good

Unbelievable. I do wish I lived in Shanghai. I would go to Blue Frog looking for an American ass who brags about having 2000 people under him and who earns 3 mil a year (big BS in my opinion but anyways) and I would HUNT him down, bring IT to the airport and put him on a FIRST CLASS United Airlines flight back to the hell hole he came from.

This guy makes 3 million RMB a year, manages 2000 people, and has six minutes to blow being an asshole on the phone?

For the record, I'd bet that it is Blue Frog, not the delivery company, that won't offer 2 for 1. They're very stingy and make most of their $$ on drink sales.

I hope that girl got a raise.

When I was working in a call centre in the UK we were told that if a customer swore at us then we could hang up on them 'I'm sorry that language is unacceptable I'm terminating this conversation now .' And that was anything that could be considered remotely sweary.

She handled the conversation very well, much better than I would have in a similar situation.

And obviously threatening someone with 'I could get you fired immediately' is a horrible trick to play, especially considering that as we can hear, the conversation is being taped so people afterwards can hear that he is in the wrong, not her. As far as I understand it's that if you go to Blue Frog you get for 2 for 1 on burgers. He ordered using a famous food delivery service so he didn't get that 2 for 1 as they don't do that sort of deal. He made it seem as if it was her problem, when it was completely his. And the whole conversation took place in English, making me think that perhaps this guy needs to listen to a bit of Chinesepod....

THIS American would love to kick the shit out of this dumb mother fucker!

Ed, Catitude, although the comments do seem to be a bit one-sided, they are pretty fair nonetheless. The guy is a twat.

The girl's English is fine. There's no communication problem there.

The guy suggests a solution to his own problem: I'll go to Blue Frog instead of ordering from your delivery service.
And the girl says: Erm, OK, that's fine.
As if to say, that's a good way to solve your problem, Mr. And the idiot gets angry about it.

I just hope he listens to himself on the internet.

im halfpat here...

i believe this guy probably just came to China...he still doesn't realize that communication is sometimes still a barrier between foreigners and Chinese people - in this case a not-so-well-trained Chinese doing customer service that include foreigners. i pity the 2K employees under him, who have an idiot running their company who doesn't realize communication and social background is a problem when doing businesses in China.

i would give this guy credit though for trying to lecture the dude about 'customer comes first'... but for the rest of his prickness...i would kick his balls in in the following sequence: Left, left, Right, right, L, R, L, L, L, R, R, L+R, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, RRRRRRRR

this looks like a random call done by the employer to test their customer service though...

"i would give this guy credit though for trying to lecture the dude about 'customer comes first'... but for the rest of his prickness...i would kick his balls in in the following sequence: Left, left, Right, right, L, R, L, L, L, R, R, L+R, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, RRRRRRRR"---JACARE

You are partially violating the copyright of Nintendo's classic CONTRA by incorporating the cheat code to get 99 free lives "left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, select, start".

Whether you agree with the jerk or not he has quite a bit of 'brass' to be that big of a d*ck. Kicking him repeatedly would therefore have little effect. By the way, if you want to be violent try ATARI's COMBAT

HA! What a joke. This guy IS an "english teacher" and he skips out on dinner checks so he can afford open bar at De La Coast 5 nights a week.

Stop by any night and get to your ball stomping.

Wow, what an ass. I hope she doesn't learn from his manners... how rude he is.

Re : post by Catitude, December 8

Sincere thanks and good wishes to you. I agree with your post completely. xie xie ni.

The sad thing is that lady kept him going and gave him more of a power trip. Chinese need to stand up to this shit. A Bully doesn't understand anything but violence and confrontation.

If you placate their wish they push you further. If it had been me, I would have curse out that arrogant asshole.

This guy is an idiot. In USA, businesses can refuse to serve this kind of customer.

After living in China for six years, it's painful to listen to this guy. The nice polite girl taking his call has so much patience.

Guys like this really need to get a grip. I wish I knew who this guy was. Would be great to name and shame him.


Please release this moron's name. Please please please. I am ethnically Chinese, born and raised in China but moved to the states when I was 6 years old. Educated in the US, served in the US Marine Corps for 8 years, and now back in China running my own business. Never before have I heard such stupidity come put of someone's suckhole as this. Please release his name and I will humiliate his ass in front of the country.

Just file it under "culture shock" + "stress at work" in combination with inexperienced service person and forget about it.

I guess I'm like one year late on this old topic, but this just got me laughing. I agree the guys a jerk and should get fried.

But the girl should be trained better in customer service. That is, somebody should teach her how to deal with these customers and call them pricks! LOL!

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