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Microbloggers on Sina Weibo and Twitter are writing up short posts in appreciation of their personal heroes.

These heroes are all surnamed Liu (刘), and all of them share certain character traits and experiences with Liu Xiaobo, who was honored in absentia at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony yesterday.

Below is a selection of responses to the topic "The person I admire most" (我最崇拜的人):

From @pufei (蒲飞):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He has won many awards from overseas organizations. His work is popular at home and abroad. His honest face inspires a feeling of warmth. He is quite concerned with the situation of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma. His name is Lau Ching-wan (刘青云)

From @VicCh:
Essay: The person I admire most -- "The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He has won major international prizes, and his deeds have inspired a fighting spirit in his countrymen. Although for a time he vanished from our sight, I believe his spirit will live on...." The teacher moves to call the police. The next line: "His name is Liu Xiang (刘翔)."

From @doubleaf (陈双叶) via @songshinan (宋石男):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He led students campaigns, published books, and won international prizes. Later he was unjustly accused and spent many years in prison. But I believe that all of this is but the test of history, because he said that fortunately, history is written by the people. His name is Liu Shaoqi (刘少奇).

From @wentommy (文涛):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. Despite a prison term, this wonderful individual has won all kinds of international awards, and is an idol to many people. Her name is Liu Xiaoqing (刘晓庆).

From @yueyexiake (月夜侠客):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He has won world-class prizes. His skill with his hands shocked the world, and he must admit: I have no enemies. Sometimes he'll stammer when talking to reporters, and for a time he vanished from view. The entire world frequently remembers his name, the country's bridge to the future. His name is Liu Guoliang (刘国梁).

From @wentommy (文涛):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He enjoys immense prestige among the common people, but is a thorn in the side of the powerful. He is known for his humanity and kindness, and even when insulted he endures it with tolerance. In times of distress he would give up his family before his morals, and faces danger willingly. But some have criticized him for fake humanity and false righteousness. His name is Liu....Xuande (刘玄德).

From @nuosong (罗晓松):
The person I most admire has the surname Liu. He has a doctorate, has published books, and has been a defendant. He has won major prizes from many western nations, as well as awards from overseas organizations in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is an idol to many people in China, and is the pride of the Chinese people. His name is Andy Lau (刘德华)!

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