Find harmony by owning your own grass-mud horse

Gebi and Male, grass-mud horses

Stuffed alpacas are multiplying.

The alpaca was chosen for its comical appearance to serve as the grass-mud horse in spoofs worked up by Internet users over the past few months.

The grass-mud horse (a pun on a familiar obscenity) lives in the Malegebi Desert (a pun on another familiar obscenity), where it fights its mortal enemy, the river crab (a pun on "harmony"). Now the mythical creature has made the leap into the real world, with a number of online retailers selling stuffed alpacas as grass mud horses.

The two pictured here are from Male and Gebi, a supplier that supplements its stuffed animals with online cartoons and stories. There's a Douban group devoted to the animals, which come with a "birth certificate" stamped by the family planning office of the Malegebi Bureau of Mythic Creatures.

The animals are fairly easy to take care of — according to an online guide to raising grass mud horses, they should flourish so long as they are not fed Sanlu Milk.

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Comments on Find harmony by owning your own grass-mud horse

I wish I have one as my pet, they are not only comical but cute, and they are a sign of struggle by netizens to free from censor control.

Ah... Farce and Satire shall make China a better place! Really!

Cao Ni Ma!!!!! I just want to express my solidarity for the fight against Chinese Internet Censorship!

Here is a translated version of the Song of Grass-Mud Horse


This is how it happens in China, things are told indirectly, but they are told anyway. This is good to see that in China too, people are able to stand up for their rights.

God, I really wanted one, and all your talks of "standing up" and "fighting for your rights" nearly made me gag. Great work, you guys TOTALLY ruined it for me.

It's for FUN. Will you people RELAX and take your Cao-ni-ma moralizing ELSEWHERE??!!

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