ill communication: China Mobile seeks copy editor **Urgent **

The following paragraph is taken from the about section of China Mobile’s English web site:

Construction of the Three Civilization: New progresses were achieved in the development of corporate culture and fruitful results were seen on the spiritual civilization front, with the"331 Project" wrapped up as expected. 15 units were honored National Civilized Units; 58 units were named Model Units for Construction of National Spiritual Civilization. The number of National Civilized Youth Windows went up to 124. Seventeen employees were entitled National Model Workers, and one hundred employees were entitled Model Workers within the group.

Any idea what the “331 project” is or what the “spiritual civilization front” of corporate culture and “National Civilized Youth Windows” mean? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Comments on ill communication: China Mobile seeks copy editor **Urgent **

Maybe this is it?

dunno about the 311 project..but the later two..LOL.typical Chinglish..I suppose they mean 精神文明前沿阵地, 国家文明青年窗口


Bog standard Chinglish.

Seen better. Seen much, much worse.

Hardly newsworthy.

There is news value in the fact that "bog standards" English appears on the site of the world's largest mobile carrier.

There is a lot of Chinglish in the world, but only one China Mobile.

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