Revelations from Chinese characters


It is said that one's fortune is suggested by his or her (Chinese) name and, if you believe it, the concealed secret can be unraveled by taking apart the name's component Chinese characters. This is why the Chinese people can't be too careful in picking their names and some believers would even have their names changed to avoid bad luck. Now the same technique is applied to politics: take a look at what surprising discoveries we have got here.

The photo above shows an exhibit in a government-sponsored poster contest; the photo was taken earlier this year in an alley near Jinbao Road, Dongcheng District:

锤 (hammer) 镰 (sickle) => 正 (decent) 廉 (incorruptible)

The caption at top and bottom of the poster reads: The hammer and sickle on the Party flag tells us as a person, you have to be decent; as an official, you have to be incorruptible.

The picture below is sourced from the Internet and the two characters are in traditional style:

愛 (love) 黨 (party) => 心 (heart) 黑 (black)

"Love the Party" as well as "Love your country" are among the most frequently quoted slogans that one often comes across in government officials' speeches. The caption on top of the picture reads: support the traditional Chinese characters; oppose the traditional Chinese characters

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