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Weekend protest roundup: what a wank


The anti-Japanese protests ended after some random violence directed at Japanese restaurants along the road to the Japanese Embassy and a little bit of stone- and bottle-throwing at the Embassy itself. The protestors started leaving the area in the early evening on specially-arranged buses (pictured). Those buses were city-owned buses, meaning that there was official participation of some kind. As of this morning, the area around the Japanese embassy is still heavily policed by regular cops and Armed Police with riot gear.

Eye-witness accounts:
The blog 'A Swede in Beijing' follows the demonstration from Haidian to the Japanese Embassy, with photos: China link; link for people untroubled by the Nanny
China Digital Times: Eye witness report from Japanese Embassy

China Digital News: Anti-Japanese protests in Guangzhou on Sunday - 10,000 strong crowd

The Horses Mouth blog (by an American in Chengdu): Police Thwart Further Protests in Chengdu

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