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Cory Doctorow speaking at the Beijing Bookworm

On Wednesday science fiction writer, Boing Boing editor and copyright activist Cory Doctorow gave a speech at the Beijing Bookworm to an enthusiastic crowd.

Victor Muh filmed the whole speech and uploaded it to Youtube. The guy wearing an Antiwave T-shirt introducing Doctorow at the beginning of the clip is your correspondent.

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Comments on Cory Doctorow speaking at the Beijing Bookworm

Thanks to Victor and Danwei!

Agreed! Thanks! This is an awesome vid. I totally agree with the things he is saying.

Well, that was another good web moment and coffee break from france.
Thanks all, realy interesting point of views, happy to share it!
The best of web

Thanks for the great video and thanks to Cory for saying some good stuff.

People bring movies from home? I think I've got one... maybe.

Haha, guess that renders my crap-res back-of-the-room cellphone vid pointless, although I too captured the whole Q&A session... good work, Victor / Danwei!

Thanks for this Victor, Jeremy...
Does anyone have good pics of this event that The Bookworm can make use of? They'd be much appreciated as we didn't take any on the night. Contacts are on our site.

Aww man, I can't believe I missed Cory Doctorow.

One of my favorite moments was when Cory realized that reading his story excerpt while in "tablet mode" was just not going to cut it and promptly switched back to "laptop mode". I was sitting in the front row on a tiny stool, you can hear me coughing and clearing my throat continuously for the first 25 minutes of the talk..
Thanks to Cory for putting these important issues out there with clarity, insight and humor.

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