Royalty fee for a Chinese tweet: 25 yuan

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Living large recently got together New Weekly magazine to publish a book called Microquotes: A digest of microblogs 2009-1010 (微语录 2009-2010微博年选).

As the name suggests, it's a compendium of tweets from Sina's Weibo microblog platform about all kinds of subjects, divided into themed chapters. One of my Weibo tweets is included.

Today I received a royalty fee for the use of the words: a postal order for 25 yuan.

The tweet of mine that was republished is here, and translated below:

America has awesome soft power. An important factor is that America does not have a Ministry of Culture or officials who control culture.

American authors, directors, journalists, publishers and people who work in cultural fields can be vulgar or highbrow. If America had anti-vulgarity campaigns like the recent fan sansu movement, Hollywood would long ago have stopped making movies, CNN would long ago have gone out of business.

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Hays Code.

Fair enough.

This is bait for this

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