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The China Daily worries about piracy, does not look in mirror

The China Daily has a story titled "Digital priacy rife in the cyber world" (sic). The article tells the story of Beijing Forbidden City Films Company suing because the portal apparently offered free downloads of the movie "Sleepless City" without authorization from the film company.

The China Daily article defines digital piracy thusly:

Internet piracy includes the use of the Internet to transmit, download, sell, or distribute materials either in their digital or physical formats without the express permission of the copyright owners.

Below is a list of articles republished on China Daily's website without permission from the copyright holders. The list is by no means comprehensive and reflects only some of the China Daily piracy covered on Danwei.

December 2003: China Daiily rips off That's Shanghai
February 2004: China Daily rips off That's Beijing
May 2004: China Daily rips off That's Beijing
September 2004: China Daily rips off China Today
November 2004 China Daily rips off New York Times
November 2004: China Daily rips off Lonely Planet

China Daily article on IPR: Digital priacy rife in cyber world

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