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Chinese website goes after U.S. Amb. Huntsman for "cheerleading" protests is a Chinese website that describes itself as "youth thought portal". It's a new incarnation of, which became famous in 2008 by pointing out inaccuracies and biases in the foreign media reports about the unrest in Tibet in 2008.

Today, published a story and video showing U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. at Wangfujing on Sunday afternoon, when the "jasmine protests" were supposed to take place. The video was also posted to Youtube (see above).

The story and video insinuate that the U.S. and Huntsman's hand may be behind calls for protest in China.

The U.S. "Embassy spokesman Richard Buangan told AFP he was on a "family outing" and his presence was "purely coincidental".

Update: Shanghaiist: US ambassador Jon Huntsman now a sensitive term on Chinese microblogs

Update 2: A report about the video has now been broadcast in the U.S. by KSL 5, a Utah-based NBC affiliate.

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Chinese Net slang
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That's Beijing has become a blog!
News in Chinese, annotated
Mutant Frog on Shanghai Sex Museum
Cui Jian as Super Mario
Selling Excavating Sex
Nude PETA demonstrators in Wangfujing?
Image Thief
"We try to be original if at all possible"
Get it louder!
That's BJ
US visa process system improved in Beijing?
Search One a Day
Two "Design Hotels" in China
Chinese Press in English
Fried Lies
BBC debate to be broadcast from Shanghai; BBC website unblocked, sort of
SAIC tries to buy Rover on the cheap
China Youth Daily is not amused by cybersex technology
Juiced-up Nanny
Laowai on Beijing music
Beijing Observer
China West babes
Valentine with tongues
Beijing English language bookstore
Beijing jazz, reggae Chinese
Hu's hu; no average Zhou
Superfuture shopping maps of Shanghai
China sticks to free faiths
Tumors, lesbians, and assholes
Xinhua: Goodbye Comrade Zhao, who made "serious mistakes"
China questions the dollar and the death penalty
Running Dog takes a sniff at environmental protection
Bills due
State-owned babe watch; Xinhua rips off FHM
The Guardian hypes China's online advertising market
State-owned babe watch: Paris Hilton
Xinhua: Culprit of Xinjiang bus blast identified. Hmm.
Remembering Nanjing
Iraq and the Fujian diaspora
More on Chinese attitudes towards the war in Iraq
Beijing music blog
Chinese cyberspace reaction to freeing of Iraq hostages
Chinese Embassy, Baghdad: 8 Chinese hostages released
Old look Danwei
Help a Wall Street analyst understand the China Gold Rush
Chinese suspects in Boston dirty bomb plot
New Chinese name for Seoul
The revolution will be blogged and then it will be censored
Chinese hostages in Iraq
Tokyo envy
Bo Xilai to Evans: 70% of what you did was good
Billionaire sentenced to death for murder
Xinhua is going nuts
Xinhua on Zhao Ziyang
State-owned babe watch
Internet TV licences
Anna Kournikova in a bikini...
Chinese blog business: Blogchina buys Blogdriver
NTSCMP responds
Journalists in Beijing are tired and suffer from stomach aches
Madonna wants you...
Dissing on China's big companies, from The Economist
Francis Fukuyama on China
Pinyin Disciplinary Spirit
Two different blog awards
The progeny of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek
Typepad unblocked
The China Daily on blogs
Sex-selective abortions to be a crime
State-owned babe watch
Voyage China website launches
Here's looking at you 1.3 billionth kid
Joseph Rock blog
US conservatives against China
Bill Gates and Bono
Lord William Rees-Mogg: China is important
Book a holiday to a tsunami disaster zone
New York Times Shanghai correspondent has a blog
Happy New Year
Beware of fake eggs
Chinese hackers attack McDonald's website
Dreaming of a white Christmas in China
Numbers you can use when you need some China hype
Muzi Mei is blogging again
Chinese spend 90 billion US dollars in restaurants in 2004
Chinese pop song of the year 2004 (Internet version)
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Miss Plastic Surgery pageant this Saturday
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Ad for strippers on government website
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The Chinese are actually Jewish
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Xinhua: Who has the sexiest legs?
College students give most sperm
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Investigating the not-so-subtle in Beijing architecture
Jiang Zemin steps down
Cheaper than IKEA, more fun than Maggies
China Daily and Sohu team up to produce really boring website
Xinhua babes
Google News in Chinese
Impotence and censorship
Oil crisis? What oil crisis?
Rumors: Yahoo! to acquire Sina
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Asian sex news
Hair Child is here!
Most popular Chinese search terms on Google
Iron Women and Foxy Ladies
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Christian spam
People's war against porn
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China Daily: the cut and paste website
People's Daily joins Farenheit 9/11 speculation
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94-year-old initiates beauty pageant
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Chinese Bloomsday
Transsexual star endorses menstrual pads
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Wikipedia blocked in China?
Britney's breasts banned in China?
Miss International Model
Sino-Japanese joint military games
Thank you
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Bloggers Against the Machina
Blocked in China
A deal with the devil?
Xinhua: Book throws harsh questions on Chinese sex education
Chinese science fiction
Putting the dong into Guangdong
Headlines: 11pm, March 20, 2004
Shanghai beefcake: Xinhua has not yet discovered the word 'hunk'
Naughty chairs in Hunan
Corn is cool
Sport in the Northeast
"My job in China is to kick Google's ass"
Interactive ripoffs
Sport in Sichuan
What is the Instapundit? Will you be assimilated?
You must learn Mandarin
Peasants in the spotlight
Muzi Mei translation corrected
The voice of the people
Rupert Murdoch on China
A short interview with Muzi Mei
Fire drills and tumors
Transsexual Miss Universe
Much ado about nothing
Outsourcing: giving the Third World a fighting chance
What's cooking good-looking?
Brainysmurf in a nest of Neocons
The emperor's new crown jewel
China News worries about strippers, the Beijing Youth Daily worries about bloggers
Kidnapping in Beijing, Osama Bin Ladin in New York, Zhang Ziyi online
Living in Vagina
Hu Jintao, Maoist: George Bush, Texan
Xinjiang blog
Emily Meng owns a sex shop
US State Department bans typeface
Foreskin issues; Microsoft IE logo piracy
Drumming boy
China Daily Napster machine
Common sense needed in tackling teen sex
A new online game in China every 10 days; 79.5 million Internet users
Make the change that will change your life
Caijing, after all these years
There are at least three genders in the world, and probably four
danwei is beginning to crumble in some urban areas
Cut and paste history
Andrew Sullivan just had SARS
Soy sauce made from human hair
What is 5S?
Too much information
Protecting virtual private property in China
Is Menbox truly gay?
Tokyo envy
Kid with modem vs. CNN
Xinhua piracy
Mu Zi Mei condoms?
Saddam lookalike in Sichuan
The capitalist road is beautiful
It ain't Italian sausage
Liu Xiaoqing: billionaire actress and businesswoman
Stuntman and actor Ke Shouliang dies in booze-related car accident
78 million and counting
Miss World in Hainan
Washington Post on Mu Zi Mei
Shanghai Eye
Before Mu Zi Mei...
Mu Zi Mei in the New York Times
In defence of piracy
Peking Duck on Chinese consumers
Transsexual Blogfest
Qingdao sex change unrelated to missing penis
Mu Zi Mei banned?
Do androids dream of electric bimbos?
Mu Zi Mei got the can
No doggy style
Mangazine and More Mu Zi Mei
Fetish mommy
Mu Zi Mei mediafest
A familiar looking website
Doggy style in Guangzhou
Miss China
Sexy Sohu
What is a white collar worth?
China blogs in English
Rebellion is not a crime! Revolution is just!
In another exciting development
China's first 100% domestically-built airplane
Earthquake in Gansu
Song Meiling dies at 105
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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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