162 million Internet users in China

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is a government body that releases officially approved statistics, as well as surveys and research reports about the Internet in China.

They have released their latest calculation for the number of Internet users in China (as of June 30, 2007):

Internet Users:162,000,000
Websites hosted in China:1,311,600

This Shanghai Daily article has more statistics.

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Comments on 162 million Internet users in China


Thanks - the acronym has been amended. It is rather confusing because their English name is still China Internet Network Information Center, despite being abbreviated to CNNIC.

OK, but when will we get true broadband? My little internet speed utility routinely tells me that I effectively have a dial-up connection, even though it's called ADSL.

Does the Great Firewall and Net Nanny really soak up that much bandwidth? Or what?

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