A short interview with Muzi Mei

What's up Muzi Mei? Guangzhou's notorious blogger answers Danwei's questions:

- What are you working on these days? Plans for the next year?
I am writing freelance for Hong Kong and Mainland magazines. I don't have fixed plans for the rest of the year, I have never thought of arranging everything in my life according to a plan.

- Are you planning to publish any books soon? Any books in English?
My 'Ashes of Love' - Complete Diary' (yiqing shu - riji chuanbanben) has already been published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. An English translation is being prepared now. My second book 'Vessel' (rongqi) has also already been published in Hong Kong.

- Will you continue to write for the Internet?
I have continued my web diary, but it hasn't been public. I sometimes post articles on Internet bulletin boards.

- Is your sex life now better or worse than before you became famous?
I am now living in Shanghai with my boyfriend. Our sex life is excellent. Actually, there hasn't been much change in my sex life after becoming famous.

- How to spell it: Mu Zi Mei, muzimei or Mu Zimei?
I think it should be spelled Muzi Mei. In Chinese, 'muzi' represents my surname 'Li' (a character containing 'mu' or wood) and mei (beautiful) is the same meaning as my real given name 'Li'.

Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Goldkorn, corrected by Muzi Mei.

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