AK47 toting panda, who lives in U.S.


Jinbu Shehui ("advance society") is a new website that promotes what passes for leftist thinking in China. Articles on the website criticize anyone who has sympathies to the West or criticizes the Chinese government.

It's masthead includes this amusing picture of a bamboo leaf chewing, AK47 toting panda bear.

They're not Han Han fans

Less amusing is its gallery of 'slaves to the West' (西奴), comprising a range of intellectuals and writers including bad boy novelist Han Han, famous Caixin editor Hu Shuli, rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong, Nobel peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, and history teacher Yuan Tengfei. Each photo has been doctored to show the "slave" with a hangman's noose around his or her neck.

Interestingly, the person behind this website who hates the West so much is almost certainly living in the United States. The domain name jinbushe.org was registered with the American domain registrar GoDaddy.com and the website is currently hosted on a server in the U.S.

However, registration information for the domain gives the following information:

Registrant Name: Liu Shan
Registrant Street: Room 304, No.10 Jingsan Road,
Registrant City: Zhengzhou
Registrant State/Province: Henan
Registrant Postal Code: 450000
Registrant Country: China
Registrant Phone: +371.64498591

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Sounds like the sort of nutter the world needs more of.

Trying to kickstart a little 人肉搜索 there Danwei?

Looks like the work of a 共奴... or would 黨奴 be a better word?

Does this stuff really class as "leftist"? I know they're waving a red flag with yellow stars, but I would have thought leftists were into trade union activity and social justice movements, whereas the rightists would prefer are into adulation of the fatherland, hatred of foreigners and love for the one party dictatorship. I really don't understand China....

Call it 'leftist' or 'rightist', it's just the usual 100% propaganda (i.e. no debate or discussion wanted or allowed) by the Chinese government and its organs. Amusing for an instant, needing to be forcefully rebutted with facts and indignation if actually presented in a context where one can respond (e.g. in the US or any free country, or indeed in China if one is there and not terrified of what the CCP can do to you - which is, at the worst, throw you out of the country, that is if you are a foreign national).

It's part of the nationalised lying industry in China, that works in tandem with the persecution industry, one of whose branches is the murder industry, both of these latter directed of course at dissidents or those the CCP feels like taking out their thirst for blood on (such as the Falun Gong). A despicable regime, which is not to say there aren't some decent Communists. But they never seem to hold the power, in China or most places.

Couldn't he just be a Chinese citizen who has overseas hosting so it can't be shut down, only blocked? Nationalist sites get the kibosh as well.

Site now unavailable - any news why?

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