CNN blocked in China, anti CNN demo in L.A.

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Don't love you no more

CNN continues to take the rap for evils of the Western media:

• Today appears to have been blocked in China.

• There is a new addition to the I Heart China chat software campaign by Chinese netizens: people are adding (U) CNN to their instant messenger user names, which produces a broken heart icon (illustrated here). See this Shanghaiist post for more on the I Heart China campaign.

• According to a post on the overseas Chinese forum website Wenxue City, an anti CNN demonstration is being organized in L.A. this Saturday, starting at 10am outside CNN's Sunset Boulevard offices. Ironically, Wenxue City is blocked in China.

Update: CNN may be hacked, not blocked.

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"According to a post on the overseas Chinese forum website Wenxue City, an anti CNN demonstration is being organized in L.A. this Saturday, starting at 10am outside CNN's Sunset Boulevard offices. Ironically, Wenxue City is blocked in China. "

Children will always go back and support their parents when necessary, though they have quarrelled a lot before.

I tried @ 4:11 PM from here in Tianjin, and there was no problem accessing the site.

This is excellent news indeed and goes further to prove to the world that the Chinese government originally went into the process of bidding with the intent to LIE and DECEIVE to secure the Olympics with no intention to ever change or "open up". They did a great job of wining, dining and 69-ing the IOC which, in the future, should be completely regarded with disrespect. The Olympics are a total farce and the importance & relevance of the games in the future needs to be reassessed.

They knew the world's attention would be on them and now, the true colors of an insecure dictatorship shows itself and further repression and censorship can be expected in the runup. Maybe it'll be a great idea to completely shut the borders and have a 100% Olympics competed between 100% Team China with only the IOC forced to attend and sit in the stands waving Chinese flags.

What would have happened had they (CCP) simply ignored the b.s. of the Western media rather than take the bait like Pavlovian dogs??

They are looking more and more thuggish (to borrow a phrase) every day and those that live in free nations with the right to assemble and voice their opinions ought to consider that before rallying to support criminals.

By the way, how can I add a little icon of a screw to my MSN?? And it's not for CNN...

@ L.G.:

It seems the irony is lost on you.

at 6:54pm on Friday cannot access from Nanjing.

19:35 in Chengdu and can't access...

Jeremy & Peanut Butter:

these activists' use of Wenxue City is only ironic to the extent that some, but by no means all, activists are both (a) offended by CNN's alleged insults of the Chinese people, AND (b) supportive of the Chinese government's domestic policy regarding the suppression of free speech.

it seems plausible that since the protest is scheduled to take place in the U.S., and that since some--perhaps even many--of those persons planning to attend the protest are Chinese-born U.S. citizens/permanent-/long term-residents, somewhat less than all of these activists might actually be broadly critical of the Chinese government.

to accept that use of Wenxue City to organize this event is "ironic" risks endorsing the controversial and baseless view that the Chinese government represents "all the Chinese people," which to no small degree undermines the ability of non-Chinese to criticize the Chinese state.

Seems that CNN-sister company Time is trying to prevent itself from being blocked or banned in China by telling its users upfront that they will hand over their user information to the police if anything gets out of hand (according to the rules that they set). What happened to free speech? Since when does Simon Elegant get to set the rules? How can they support the right of people to openly protest in other countries, yet threaten their own users in China by sharing their user information with the police? I am the only one who sees the irony here? If only Yahoo had made the same claim before they hung Shi Tao out to dry. I wonder if Time would also hand over user information of the people who subscribe to their print publications? Surely they can match email addresses to subscriber details. I wonder if they cross reference their user data with the user data at CNN's iReport? Or on

4.19,13:42,nanjing,CNN website now is "worked".

Thanks for the good news. Very encouraging to know PRC will continue control of Western media. Why? Because brainlessness + viciousness + brute muscle, are dangerous, need leashing, and only a Government is big enough to leash it. Congrats to Jiang Yu for a job well done.

Since probably 95% of all Westerners think Tibet should be "freed" and hate the Chinese government, why the focus on CNN? Because they cropped an image or because Jack Cafferty called the Chinese government a bunch of "goons?" Maybe since the Chinese media sugarcoats and distorts everything they report, many Chinese (in China) didn't actually realize that most of the world thinks their government is an evil, despotic, pathetic regime...Even China's buddy France. But it is hard to believe that most Chinese didn't already know this. So what is so shocking?

Also, what does "loving China" have to do with anything? Typical irrational nationalist mindset.


Do we really know Cafferty was referring to the Chinese government? He was talking about "China" the whole time. He might well be saying the Chinese are "goons and thugs".

The Chinese government is indeed retarded beyond words. Cafferty is too small to warrant a protest.

I am sure the Chinese government is evil, despotic and pathetic. However it still has a lot to learn from the champ, the US government.

Thousands protest against CNN in Los Angeles.

Detailed photo coverage

[Include your link once, thanks. -JM]

If the demonstrators in LA were in China, they would not be allowed to demonstrate.
Maybe they need to go back to China so they can again appreciate the USA.

Even though CNN has been disgusting to me for other reasons and I seldom watch it, I am still for the freedom of speech and we need unite behind CNN for standing firm agaist these goons and thugs (very accurate decription by the way)! I am afraid the CNN would give in to their demand for fearing of losing China market. Same thing Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft fear. I say F the China market! Your freedom, humanity, and sanity are much more valuable than what these IP thieves can afford. - Tim Chen ( a chinese from Mainland China)

Here's the footage of Chinese-Americans protesting CNN in LA:

John Vines> "If the demonstrators in LA were in China, they would not be allowed to demonstrate."

They would be allowed to demonstrate--against any non-Chinese owned company.

The wolf cloaked in sheep's skin has revealed itself. Distorted reporting will tanish the credibility of CNN and certainly, some rude remarks will not make the situation better. The truth is that media whether it be Western or Eastern alike, have longed been servants of their respective masters.

Seeing things for yourselves, knowing the history/facts and understanding the ACTUAL truth will set your mind free. Just be Jim Carrey from The Truman Show.

It is really good to see the westerners' response to the (L)China thing. More and more of you take off your mask of human right, democracy, peacefulness, rationality... and directly expose your hatred of us. Very good very powerful. This is the very purpose of this action.

Hey folks, American in Shenzhen here. Has anyone been running into a new kind of block out here? It's not the normal "connection re-set" it's a gopher holding a shield with a warning that I am trying to view a page with ”bad information" (不良信息)。,, and others are inaccessible because of this thing.

I don't know how any westerner lives long term in China, not with the horrendous censorship.

I live in Thailand and, yes, we have censorship of the internet, some TV and movies, but NOTHING on the scale of China.

It's a lovely country, lovely people but I couldn't wait to get back to Thailand when I was there, just for the freedoms.

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