Anti-Japanese protests at Ningbo Auto Show


As the the online petition against Japan getting a permanent seat on the UN Security Council grows to more than 22 million signatures, demonstrations — smetimes violent — have broken out in Chengdu and Shenzhen, while Shenyang has seen a convenience store chain pull all Japanese goods off its shelves.

Danwei received photos today of another demonstration. The photos were labelled "Ningbo Auto Exhibition" (宁波车展) and date stamped March 31. They were also watermarked with the URL, the gallery section of Iron Blood (铁血), a Chinese online forum devoted to military matters. The gallery section contains images and video clips uploaded by users.

The image reproduced here (click to enlarge) shows a man holding a sign that reads: "If you buy a Japanese car today, you will be subsidizing the guided missiles aimed at Ningbo tomorrow."

Iron Blood homepage
Iron Blood: Video of Shenzhen anti-Japanese demonstrations (Note, the clip did not play on Danwei's computers)
Iron Blood's lighter side: Air hostesses getting military training
Financial Times: China web opposition to Japan's UN hopes targets Beijing
AP story on Yahoo: Hundreds in anti-Japan protest in southern China, some vandalize Japanese stores Protest growing: Japanese companies targeted in China

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