Baidu hacked by Iranian Cyber Army

baidu-hacked.jpg, China's leading search engine, was hacked sometime this morning, apparently by a group calling itslef Iranian Cyber Army.

It's not clear why they hacked Baidu. There's a little more information at the links below.

Baidu is still not working properly as of 11:55 am today.

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Twiter's revenge!

Same group that got Twitter:

It may be related to the fledgling community of Chinese cyber activists cn4iran. There may be a tit-for-tat hacker feud between pro-gov Iranians and Chinese going on as we speak.

Seems baidu is being blocked from users outside of Greater China--when I'm on my company's US vpn, I can't access it, but I can from our HK vpn.

Woah! Maybe they Chinese will realize that they need help.

Chinese hackers are still hacking the Iranian website as a respond to Iranian attack to the Baidu.
See this Iranian hacked website:

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