Baidu porn, Part II

The search for "Japan, Navigation" on Baidu images
The search for "Korea, Navigation" on Baidu images

Blogger Wang Xiaofeng picked up some Baidu searches - for “Japan, Navigation" (日本 导航) and "Korea, Navigation" (韩国 导航) - which yielded some interesting results.

Wang Xiaofeng also wrote, of Baidu CEO Robin Li:

It made a difference that CEO Li made an appearance on the Spring Festival Gala: now the Baidu search content is just as vulgar as the content on Chunwan.

The same search on Google shows:

The search for "Korea, Navigation" on Google images
The search for "Japan, Navigation" on Google images
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I just got similar results by typing the term "磨豆腐" while searching Baidu images for President Hu Jintao. (Navigate to the 12th set of 磨豆腐 results if you are over the age of 18.)

Good post. More people in the West should know this. China's anti-porn campaign in the internet is not (entirely) political, but is indeed (significantly) anti-porn. It's funny to see how most western reports emphasized the (possible) political component of the campaign, while ignore the (obvious) anti-porn component almost alltogether.


磨豆腐 [mòdòufu] grind soya beans to make bean curd .

Oh, that's just nasty.

It's just google takes out porn images, while baidu didn't care. (even search "porn" in google image don't yield naked pictures) Given how supposedly porn is >50% of the entire internet, I not surprised if porn come on every single search item at least once.

Google gives you the option to filter your searches - SafeSearch Off, On, or Moderate (options vary depending on your language and interface). Baidu doesn't do that because, like the film industry, it's supposed to be suitable for the entire population of China, both young and old. Film (电影), by the way, returns some pretty racy "body art" photos.

Nude art clothed in protest against China's Internet crackdown

SHANGHAI - CHINESE Internet users angered by censorship in cyberspace have dressed up images of famous renaissance nudes in a protest against Beijing's crackdown on 'vulgar' online content.


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