Baıdu's Robin Lı chickens out of speaking engagement

Shanghai ad:tech 2008: not worth the gamble for Baidu

Ad:tech is an annual conference that takes place in several cities around the world about digital marketing and advertising on the Internet and mobile networks.

This year's China ad:tech kicked off this morning in Shanghai. The keynote speaker was supposed to be Robin Lı, the CEO of, China's home grown competitor to Google.

But he didn't show up.

If you haven't been following Baidu's recent travails, the links below explain possible reasons for his no-show.

It's worth noting that the digital marketing mavens who did show up so far all appear to be somewhat bullish about 2009, with Hans Yu of Nielsen Net Ratings and Buzzmetrics saying this morning that digital ad spend growth over 2009 will probably be "between 30 and 40%".

More coverage to follow.

Update: A source says that Mr Lı was at the conference but did not want to take questions from the floor, so was not included in the speaker line-up.

Update 2: We have received several inquiries about using the above photo for press. Click on the photo for a high-res version; any media may use the photo for free but please credit

Update 3: Lots of feedback from mavens about the above saying it does not matter, Baıdu is going to do just fine.

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Comments on Baıdu's Robin Lı chickens out of speaking engagement

This is a terrible article. The whole premise is that Robin Li didn't attend a show, then the first update says he was there after all.


He was scheduled to speak at a media briefing at the event, but he did not. No explanation was given by ad:tech nor by anyone from Baidu.

There were perhaps 100 journalists, media people and poxy bloggers waiting for him, many of us with prepared questions. It was a no-show.

Perhaps a perfectly understandable no-show, but a no-show nonetheless.

Mr. Goldkorn,

This is a ridiculous article. Are you serious? You should be more careful about your choice of words, sir. Robin Li "chickens out"??? C'mon... Are you even sure you have your facts correct? Are you trying to throw around whatever little weight you have in the media in an attempt to manipulate this stock and tarnish this incredibly successful company? Very disappointing. I hope this is your last article for Danwei.

here is another gossip for baidu. it is said that baidu invited about 100 nationalwide journalists for Hongkong trip since yesterday. it is quite interesting that why now baidu began its annual media retreatment? is it to keep media's mouth shut after the CCTV exposure or try to maintain a better relationship with media? it is inappropriate for baidu which is NASDAQ company to bribe journalists. this individual blogger (dance with google) has leaked this scandal and now ask help from hongkong media.

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