Beijing's bitch

The Guardian newspaper has a blog. Yesterday they published an entry called Beijing's bitch that summarizes reactions on English language blogs to the news about Microsoft's blog software censoring words like 'democracy'.

There are a lot of earnest people in the USA and UK complaining about Microsoft's complicity with an evil regime etc.

But what about in China itself, inside the clammy embrace of the Nanny?


It appears that nobody here gives a shit.

- The Global Voices blog finds some Chinese bloggers who care about the Microsoft censorship debacle.
- From the comments section of a Peking Duck blog post:

different interpretations tell different stories:

i could use this title :

less than 10 Chinese bloggers speak out against Microsoft, censorship, etc., and there are more than a few million chinese bloggers, this shows chinese bloggers don't care about the MSN censorship case
Posted by: bingfeng...

...there is an old joke - a chairman asked how many attend a meeting by this question : "those who are not here, raise your hands"

well, the common sense tells us that few cares about this issue even with a lot of fanfare from the west...
...Posted by: bingfeng...

...i don't think most don't care. I have told this to many friends, they all felt angry about MS. as to me, what i think about the low react reaction is:
1. most important: not so many got this message, no news reported, just spreaded in a private way(i learn this a few days ago). and quite a few people do not use internet.

2. some didn't speak out doesn't means not caring. the censorship is not a new concept to most of the chinese. we do care, but there's no way to speak out or show stance.
Posted by: Henry


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