Blog entry solves Hong Kong siblings' slaying in New York


According to the New York Daily News, a man named "Jin Lin, 23, was charged with first-degree murder yesterday in the bloody slayings" of siblings Sharon and Simon Ng.

Simon was writing a blog entry when the alleged murderer entered his house. This is what he wrote:

Today I missed my Japanese class again, since I have gotten a bad throat... Anyway today has been weird, at 3 some guy ringed the bell. I went down and recognized it was my sister's former boyfriend. He told me he wants to get his fishing poles back. I told him to wait downstair while I get them for him. While I was searching them, he is already in the house. He is still here right now, smoking, walking all around the house with his shoes on which btw I just washed the floor 2 days ago! Hopefully he will leave soon.

The New York Daily News fills in the rest of the story:

Cops said that Ng, 19, let Lin into the second-floor apartment in the late afternoon when Lin asked if he could wait for the 21-year-old Sharon.

Sgt. Michael Breidenbach, head of the 107th Precinct detective squad, said the entry turned Lin's alibi upside down...

...Lin told cops he wanted to rob her to help him buy a plane ticket back to Hong Kong, law enforcement sources said.

Lin - who was picked up at his Flushing home on Friday - told cops that he set upon Simon Ng after failing to find any money in Sharon's bedroom.

The image shows the suspect Jin Lin being led away by cops, and was taken from New York Daily News website.

Simon Ng's final blog entry
New york Daily News: Victim's E-journal led to slay suspect
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