Blogspot blocked again

China's Net Nanny has forgotten to take her meds.

In August this year, the Nanny unblocked Blogspot — Google's popular free blog hosting service that had been inaccesible in China for several years.

In the last few days, the Nanny seems to have decided that Blogspot is not doing its part to create a harmonious Internet, so it's back to using proxy servers when you want to read the spiritual pollutants available on one of the world's most popular blog hosts.

The English version of Wikiepedia was unblocked in October this year. it is still accessible today in Beijing.

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I've noted that Wikipedia has been drifting in and out. It's been prone to mysterious time-outs. A substantial difference from the zippy response of a day or two ago.

Sites blocked in China?

Not according to one of China's top UN officials:

I think it's blocked because today I asked many friends in cina to open Blogger's blog and they couldn't open. Fortunately I switched my blog to wordpress one month earlier!

in guangzhou blogspot still blocked

I think it's just been blocked again (Beijing).

It's definitely just been blocked again. You can see blogs through a proxy site but you can't update your own at all.

Blocked in shanghai :(

Its blocked in Shanghai for sure. If you want to update your blogs in china you can go do so from the proxy however you cannot upload pictures etc.... hope this helps.

Does anyone have a good proxy that does allow you to upload pictures?

anyone found a solution for uploading pictures yet?
i can live with the proxy solution~ but not being able to format my posts or upload pictures really annoys me~~

isn't wordpress blocked too? These days in Shanghai even google is suffering- type in a search term and nothing happens. Not always, just sometimes. Quite a clever way of making us use baidu and yahoo.

Hi everybody.
If you want to experience free Internet in China, I suggest you to use Fr**g*te or Ul***s**f, which allows you to edit your blog.

[2009.07.04 Edited to remove sensitive, filtered words. -JM]

i need my blogspot back, really...

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