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The free blog hosting services Blogspot and Blog City are accessible in Beijing today, after years of being blocked by the Nanny.

Can it possibly last?

Perhaps not, so if you live on the Mainland, take this opportunity to check out these China related blogs hosted on those services:

Taiwan, China, rock music, politics and culture from a journalist who knows these parts well.

China Confidential
A journalist who seems to have some high level sources in various governments blogs about China's rise. He is not a big fan of the People's Republic.

Liuzhou Laowai
An Englishman who lives in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, writes about life and events in Liuzhou and the incompetence of China's banks.

Angry Chinese Blogger
Despite the name, he seems to be neither Chinese nor consistently angry. He writes extensive commentaries on Chinese politics and news from China.

The Horse's Mouth
An American who used to live in Chengdu comments on news from China.

Sex and Shanghai
A philandering English teacher shags his way through Shanghai.

Please add URLs of other blogs you like to the comments: the Danwei blog roll / Model Worker awards are going to be updated soon.

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Thanks for the link, Jeremy.

Don't foget about The Paper Tiger (

In Shanghai I can access all of those on the list except for "Sex and Shanghai." I wonder if the GFW is going for a finer-tuned approach to blocking...

Good of you to run this. I would add Asia Business Law to the list:

Fully support Danwei's sexual liberation army. But please, more content and facta. Less riffraff!

Sure, Sex and Shanghai exists, painting a not so pretty picture. But why highlight it?

The attention and comments surely tickles his ego, and I would hate to fan the flames. The - true to style - self-deprecating British humour is cute, but man, skim through it and realize you're neck deep in a infested pit of - forgive the quip - continuous shanghaiing,

Would like to think that white men in China, are more than mere poon-diggers. Sure every flock has its black sheep. Just happy I have nothing, sans my skin colour, in common with the blogger in question. Guess packaging is everything after all...

Point being, c'mon Danwei, shape up, stay sharp!

Quite funny, all the blogs listed above on blogspot are unaccessible now, but other blogspot blogs aer ok . is an extremely informative and interesting site, and a damn sight more useful than anything I have to say.

how could i access the blog of Sex and Shanghai?

EDITORS NOTE (JG): The blogger has made Sex and Shanghai invitation only. We do not know how to get access to it.

how could i get the access of friendster in school, if it was blocked?

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