Breaking news: students to organize anti-Japanese protest in Beijing on Saturday

Danwei received an email forwarded from an unverified source about an anti-Japanese demonstration being organized in Beijing, set to take place this week Saturday. Below is rough translation of the email:

There will be a resist Japan protest on April 9, 2005, at Hailong [electronics market] in Zhongguancun. We hope all understanding Chinese can attend, bringing their own banners and signs. This protest is organized by some patriotic students, who will meet at the front door of Hailong to demand that vendors stop selling Japanese elctronic products. The boycott of Japanese goods is growing across the whole country, but the capital has been not been moved by the same feelings. Because of this patriotic students have started to organize themselves and to publicize the event, to go together to the prosperous district of Zhongguancun to demonstrate to boycott Japanese goods, with patriotic behavior as the rule (we must prevent people from using the students to make rebellion or cause chaos in society). Please be assured we will notify Beijing TV to broadcast live. 

The organizer estimate that there will be 20,000 people in the demonstration. We want to let all the people of the world know that we Chinese people are still the great dragon of the East. As a patriotic act, please will all patriotic people forward this to at least 20 people。 

Time: April 9, 9 a.m. in front of Hailong's door; the demonstration will start at 10
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