Shu Yong and the giant breasts

Muzimei has released a short video about Shu Yong (舒勇), a Beijing-based artist whose latest exhibit consists entirely of sculptures of gigantic breasts. It's hosted on Sina's new video sharing service, which seems to work very well. Now that Sina has joined the video sharing frenzy, how many of the video sites listed on Danwei in December will survive?

The below video is in Chinese with no English subtitles.

More Muzimei news: She has signed up as the celebrity spokeswoman for a Chinese liquor that claims to be a male potency booster. You can see some photos here.

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Comments on Shu Yong and the giant breasts

Is it possible Chinese men would consider buying a product from such a butt ugly shill as "Muzimei"?

She looks like one of those Chinese girls that Mainland guys like to laugh at because they are usually seen in the arms of a FOB Gweilo that doesn't understand "Chinese standards of beauty" and can't speak a lick of Chinese...

Yes...I am behind the times and have never seen her before nor any of whatever has propelled her to stardom.

Butt ugly is not the important part: sexual strength is what she is selling.

I think the artist invents/thinks/makes/conceives these big breasts as an answer (a critique) to the ever more popular 'breast enlargment' practises/advertisements in modern day China. Still it seems many Ladies from China think the big breasts of Pamela Anderson are the standard in the 'West', which in fact they are not.


there is no standard for that sort of thing here. at least what is standard is smaller, and very obiviously not as reflective. as for what muzimei looks like, no clue. don't mean to say that what they have is shiney. its the art. the ending of the movie was creepy. dancing breastless doll. its like watching a prancing dog, dressed as a clown.

I'm surprised you allowed the foul racist comment about the gweillo on here. Would you allow the use of 'the n-word' on here? No, of course not! So why is it ok to racially abuse white people on here? You should remove the comment. That message brings shame on Chinese people.

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