Britney's breasts banned in China?



Britney Spears is scheduled to perform in Beijing and Shanghai early next year. She has been put on notice by the old farts at the Culture Department that she must dress decently and must not flash too much flesh.

The China News has more. As Shanghai Eye (who sent us the link) points out, "Good old China News Service - the story about Britney not being allowed to wear revealing clothing during her China tour is accompanied by a picture of her... erm.. wearing revealing clothing." The lower image is from China News, the upper one is from a similar article in the Beijing News which is headlined: Britney must suit national conditions in China next year.

The good bits of the China News article are roughly translated below:

Britney's performance clothes are more than revealing... In a recent performance in Germany ... she partly exposed her breasts causing some male fans to become very excited. However Britney did not care ... On her tour of China next year, her performance clothing will be under scrutiny and will require approval [from the Department of Culture]. 

This journalist contacted a spokesperson for the company organizing the Britney China tour. He said that they would fully obey [the Department of Culture]. However, because the China performances will be part of a world tour, all the clothing must be consistent and it is not possible to make special clothes just for the China leg of the tour. So when the tour happens, all that can be done is [for Britney] to try as hard as possible not to flash any flesh.

The China News article is here. Shanghai Eye reports on UK tabloid The Sun's response here.

The images are screenshots from the websites of China News and the Beijing News.
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