Caijing-affiliated magazines banned and other ball-breaking news


60 publications banned
China's Press and Publications Administration has released a document banning 60 newspapers and magazines. Some have been banned because they were using international publishing licences rather than Chinese ones, others have been accused of using fake publishing licences.

According to the document, these publications are "causing chaos in the publishing market and infringing on the rights of a vast group of readers". Yeah right.

Among the banned publications accused of using fake publication licences are three magazines run by the group that produces Caijing magazine: Voyage, Office and Housing. (Note: this Voyage is a different magazine from the Shanghai-based English language magazine based in Shanghai.)

You can find the entire document on the website for the "National Office for Small Groups to Crack Down on Pornography and Illegal Publications", here.

Xinhua loving
Xinhua has started using the word 'babe' to describe attractive women, as you can see in a photo gallery titled 2005 Pirelli calendar babes, from which the image reproduced above was taken. The Xinhua story is credited thusly: " TIMES STYLE/Agencies", while the images are credited to

China's media sort of open but not really
Xinhua reports that "Foreign investors encouraged to entering China's media"

China's media regulator says foreign investors can buy a stake in China's media companies but stresses that the Chinese companies must hold a majority 51 percent of the joint venture.

The Economist has a review of the media business in China and foreign involvement in it. There's nothing new in the article, but its concluding sentence strikes the right note:

China's media may be increasingly vibrant, but it is a long way from being open.

Reporter's salaries, living in fear, and getting kicked in the balls
ESWN has a few interesting translations connected with media:

A review of reporters' salaries in China:

Among the major media in Beijing, most reporters receive a base salary between 3,000 to 5,000 yuan per month, with a small number receiving as little as 2,000 yuan.  At the more senior level, an assistant editor-in-chief receives about 10,000 yuan per month.

The article also looks at salaries in Shanghai, Chongqing and Xian.

Translation of interview with editor / activist Jiao Guobiao:

His most compelling point: "People should not have to live in fear or feel oppressed to the point of being afraid to say things." 

Unhappy about happy corner:

This is a translation of a newspaper report about Hong Kong students' fun new game. Here's a summary of the different ways you can play:

Variation #1 (X-con).  Two different people are hoisted up and their sexual organs are slammed into each other.  Possible consequences: If the penis was erect, the impact may even cause it to break.
Variation #2 (Train-con).  The victim's legs are split apart and then he is dragged face down across a row of chair backs, like a train rolling over a railroad track.  Possible consequences: A mild injury might be superficial scratches on the penis and scrotum and a serious injury might be the crushing of the testicles.  Within one hour, the scrotum is likely to look bruised and swollen.

Variation #3 (The Sound Of Bells From A Buddhist Temple).  The sexual organ of the victim is slammed against the head of another individual.  Possible consequences:  Since the skull is hard, the victim may suffer injuries to the penis and testicles.

Variation #4 (Blowing the Candle).  The victim's sexual organ is slammed against the post of a flickering lamp until the light goes out.  Possible consequences: Since the lamppost is metallic, this is extremely dangerous and can cause maximal damage.

Variation #5 (Automatic-con).  The victim is held against a closing elevator door, and when the doors make contact with his sexual organ, they will open and then close again for another round.  Possible consequences: There is a chance for injuring the sexual organ, as well as damage to the skin and leg muscles.

Variation #6 (Ice-Fire con).  The sexual organ of the victim is first slam against iced plastic bottles, and then hot water is poured on it.  Possible consequence: Excessive cold or heat reduces sperm production.  If the scrotum is kept between zero to four degrees, sexual performance may be adversely affected.

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