China Blog competitions: Win RMB 10,000

There are currently two competitions for best China blogs in English:

1. Best China Blogs
Hosted and organized by the Admiral of ChinaMoon, who is putting his money where his mouth is by offering RMB 10,000 as prize money for the winner.

2. The China Blog section of the Asian Blog Awards.

Danwei probably does not count as a blog any more: there are too many contributors, and we are trying very hard indeed to sell out, by accepting advertising. If you are interested in this type of award, please vote for another website. There are some old recommendations here: Model Worker awards: the best China blogs 2005. This list wil be updated soon.

There are currently 2 Comments for China Blog competitions: Win RMB 10,000.

Comments on China Blog competitions: Win RMB 10,000

A strange list it was last year, containing as it did a couple of blogs apparently written by non-Chinese speaking English teachers married to each other, commenting on China.

One hopes for better things this time around.

Brings up an interesting argument - does a "China Blog" have to be about China? Or about Chinese? Or can it just be written in China? Meh.

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